I live in Denver. My family lives in Ohio. My best friends live all over the country and I have a job that requires moderate travel. Needless to say, I rack up a LOT of frequent flier miles and hotel points.

Here you can find highlights from my personal and work travels.

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And…We’re Moving to Pittsburgh!

Moving to Pittsburgh! //

This fall, Alex will start Carnegie Mellon’s MBA program so in mid-July, we’ll be packing up our apartment and moving east. The big move is still a few weeks down the road and we’re still working out the final logistics but I know these next 6 weeks are going to fly by.

It’s an incredibly exciting opportunity and, while it’s very bittersweet to leave Colorado, Pennsylvania will be a fun, new adventure. I know don’t too much about Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania but am excited to explore a new part of the country and add a new chapter to our story.

Much more to come as there’s been much going on ‘behind the scenes’ of this little blog that I’d like to capture for my own memory and share for the (possible) benefit of someone else’s crossroads experience.

Here’s to soaking up as much as Colorado in the next few weeks as possible and taking notes on any Pittsburgh connections, tips and ‘must see/must do’!


Ski Trip 2015: Park City, Utah

Ski Park City //

Ski Park City // Ski Park City // Ski Park City // Ski Park City // This year, we took our annual ski trip in Park City, UT. (Previous years: Whitefish, MT + Telluride, CO) The snow in Colorado has left a lot to be desired this year and, unfortunately, Park City offered even less snow coverage and even warmer temps than Summit County mountains.

Despite the less than dreamy conditions, spending 3 days on a mountain, skiing with old friends, fills a soul with profound joy. These friends, friends to me since college and Alex since high school, are some of the best, most hilarious and big-hearted people I know. Each year, I look forward to spending these days with our friends, exhausting ourselves by skiing as hard as we’ve ever skied and forgetting the real world outside a ski mountain exists. It’s blissful – even in crappy snow conditions.

On our last day on the mountain, the sky drizzled rain on us as we rode the lift up, up, up to the top. The rain turned to graupel which turned to fluffy snowflakes as we reached the summit. We spent the day skiing bowls and trees – the only places to be when the big fat flakes start falling!

And just as soon as it began, we were headed back to Denver after 3 awesome days of skiing and 5 awesome days catching up with great people.

Per usual, we’ve already begun planning next year’s ski trip and I’m already counting down the days!