I live in Denver. My family lives in Ohio. My best friends live all over the country and I have a job that requires moderate travel. Needless to say, I rack up a LOT of frequent flier miles and hotel points.

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Currently… (July)

Currently July //

…road tripping! (and enjoying it, except the leaving Colorado part)

…living out of our car (officially, we are homeless until August 1).

…savoring our last moments in Denver/Colorado for a while.

…picking up Philly from the kennel and heading (north) east!

…reading a lot when I’m not staring out the window at the beautiful drive (just finished this, now reading this).

…missing the routine of a ‘normal’ day a little bit and

…feeling ready to stop eating out.

…looking forward to doing all of the things the midwest has to offer! (Like the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Via Ferrata in West Virginia or canoeing in one of Pittsburgh’s 3 rivers)

…saying ‘see ya later, Colorado’.

See ya in Pittsburgh, friends!

Road Trip Check In: Hi from the Road!

Grand Canyon //

I’m currently sitting in a luxurious hotel room on the Vegas strip, savoring the comfort of a real bed and fluffy pillow before we hit the road again early in the morning. It’s been a terrific first leg of our road trip!

We left Denver on Wednesday night and drove southwest towards the Grand Canyon. We arrived late afternoon on Thursday and spent two excellent days exploring the East Rim, Bright Angel and Timp Point. We then packed up camp and ventured further west to spend a couple of days in Vegas.

We ended up extending our stay by a day to really maximize our relaxation time – once we leave Vegas, we head back to Colorado to spend a couple of days camping with a friend in Vail, then hit Denver to pick up Philly and lastly, we’ll begin making our way east towards Pittsburgh, visiting and staying with friends and family along the way.

When we planned our move, we made sure to include a week of ‘us time’ before we began the move east. The past 12 months have been really crazy and challenging – from me changing jobs and working longer hours to Alex’s grad school applications to planning and executing a cross-country move – we both felt it was extremely important to take time for just us before we move into the next chapter. I’m so glad we built in this time – it’s been almost a year since Alex and I did a trip or weekend adventure just the two of us so this was much needed and long overdue!

I’ll be sharing trip segments in blog posts once we get settled in Pittsburgh (much to share about the Grand Canyon!) but in the meantime, you can follow our trip on Instagram!