I live in Denver. My family lives in Ohio. My best friends live all over the country and I have a job that requires moderate travel. Needless to say, I rack up a LOT of frequent flier miles and hotel points.

Here you can find highlights from my personal and work travels.

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Currently {January}

currently january //

…loving the slow atmosphere of Whitefish, Montana.

…treasuring moments with faraway friends.

…wearing the crap out of my #findingwinter jacket. (Don’t make me give it back!!)

…devouring Into The Wild; unnerved by how much Alex Supertramp reminds me of my brother.

…Itching to read Into Thin Air next.

FOCUSING on what come next and what it means to make it happen.

…snacking on Capt’n Crunch snacks (like Rice Crispy Snacks but with Capt’n Crunch).

…listening to Ratatat over and over.

…cheering friends who are starting new jobs.

…loving vacation time with my husband and friends.

Can life get any better?! I submit that it cannot!

Hotel Workout: Blogilates 100

I’ve been especially terrible about fitting in exercise while traveling the past few weeks. I always bring my workout gear when I travel and usually, I try to make time to run or hit the hotel gym for a quick hit. Unfortunately, my recent trips have included little more exercise than walking in airports or around cities.

While I spent 24 hours in Connecticut last week, my good friend Nancy sent me this Blogilates 100 workout. It’s quick and requires no equipment and not much space. Perfect for a hotel room and early East Coast mornings.

Shame on me for thinking this 5 minute video would be easy. It was not. But it gets your blood moving and definitely wakes ya up! Not much more you can ask for when on vacation or traveling – quick, easy body weight moves that require not much space. Win!

Fitness: Garden of the Gods 10 Miler…The Race That Wasn’t

In the past few years, my mom has coined a term that describes a type of moment unique to her – and as I’m growing up, me too. They’re called ‘Sandy Moments.’ They’re like foot-in-mouth moments, act-before-you-think moments, not-reading-the-instructions-before-getting-started moments. … Continue reading