Fitness: A Weekend of Fun – Underwearness 5k and Fitness On The Rocks

A lot has happened in my week hiatus from lgsmash blogging. I’ve watched a lot of Breaking Bad, made and sent a lot of wedding invitations and Friday, watched a lot of news coverage of the Batman premier shooting here in Denver. The … Continue reading

Yoga Redemption

If Tuesday was the Worst Exercise Day post-surgery, Wednesday was Exactly What The Doctor (me) Ordered: Yoga Redemption I recently bought a Groupon for unlimited classes for 30 days at my favorite group of yoga studios, Corepower Yoga. Corepower has a number of … Continue reading

Deflated, Not Defeated: First Attempt At A Run

Remember this post when I was feeling pretty good about having to start over in fitness? Yeah, I don’t feel that way right now. Not one bit. Yesterday, it was 68* at lunch time. I’d brought my workout clothes so … Continue reading

Fit (not Fat) Tuesday

Are you celebrating Fat Tuesday? The day before Ash Wednesday, the day before we’re ‘supposed’ to give up something important to you for Lent to teach us about sacrafice. Traditionally, Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday has become a party day, an excuse to indulge in … Continue reading