Deflated, Not Defeated: First Attempt At A Run

Remember this post when I was feeling pretty good about having to start over in fitness? Yeah, I don’t feel that way right now. Not one bit. Yesterday, it was 68* at lunch time. I’d brought my workout clothes so … Continue reading

Races Registered: Cherry Creek Sneak 5M & Colfax 10M

Today is 1 month post-surgery, 2 weeks till my doctor appointment to get off crutches and I can’t stop smiling these days. Today, I am getting back on a stationary bike. In 2 weeks, I’ll get both hands and feet … Continue reading

What is LGSMASH All About, Anyway?

I’ve been blogging for years and years under many different names. As Janene put it, a blogaholic. Blog name: SheWillBeL0ved (or: Maroon 5 meets emotional high school girl) In high school, I started a blog on LiveJournal as a way … Continue reading

Learning to Not Take My Body For Granted

Throughout this year and surgery, I’ve struggled with my inability to run, to exercise, to walk. While I’d only gotten into running a few years ago, it had become a theraputic outlet for me and soon after it was taken … Continue reading

Unexpected Side Effects of Surgery Recovery

Surgery was just about 1 month ago and my right knee is feeling better than ever. Other parts of my body have not fared quite as well. Underarms I expected to have issues with the crutches rubbing my underarms and hands but … Continue reading