Music: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros In Concert

You know when you were a kid and were sick but started to feel better – almost like back to your normal self – and your friends were going to the movies and you so wanted to go too? But your parents said no because you were still sick?

My mind was my parent, my heart was the kid yesterday. Months ago, I bought Alex and I tickets to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros at The Ogden Theatre last night. I just told y’all how much I love music and concerts - I did not want to pass this show up!

I was sick and worked from home all day but sometime after lunch, I was feeling much more energetic, my voice had come back and the salt water had ‘cured’ my throat. I felt great! Well enough, I thought, to go to the concert. My head was telling me that I probably should stay home but I wanted to go so bad and I was feeling better! I was over the worst, I told myself.

So we went to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros last night. I was feeling tired again by the time we left our apartment but shrugged it off.

We arrived in between the opener and Edward Sharpe and ended up waiting about 20 minutes for the show to start. The band came on around 9.

For those who don’t know anything about Edward Sharpe, they’re kind of a hippy group with a very large band. (Fun fact – if you know/knew Ima Robot, the lead singer of Edward Sharpe, Alex Ebert, is former lead singer of Ima Robot.) They had 10 people on stage last night! Watching them all walk in on the stage reminded me a bit of a clown car – how many more?! And where are they all going to go?!

(There are 3 musicians to the left of the photo that I couldn’t see)

The show was a lot of fun! We stood on the upper balcony of The Ogden and watched - no dancing or singing from me last night – but the group was so entertaining. I felt like I was watching a show that my parents might have listened to in the 70′s. It was a bit folksy, a bit rock, very engaging.

Alex Ebert is quite a character to watch on state – he wildly danced around, sat down the speakers, talked with the audience. The show felt more like 10 friends had gotten together to play awesome music at a farm party or in someone’s basement – they all rocked hard, danced and twirled on stage, took their shoes off and just had a really good time.

I’m not sure if the show was sold out or not but the place was full and bursting with energy.

What struck me most about this show was how powerful and clear both lead singer’s, Alex and Jade (Catrinos), voices were. At one point, Alex readjusted his voice (‘Sorry guys, so many shows in a row!’) but despite that, their voices were beautiful and strong. Their songs usually grow in volume and excitement and both Alex and Jade are singing so loudly but still maintaining a lovely pitch.

We left around 11 p.m. – I was too tired to stay any longer – so we missed our favorite song (and their most well known), Home.

This just means that I’ll have to catch them again, next time they are in Denver!

And today, I woke up feeling more sick than I did yesterday. I probably should have stayed home last night – I know my parents would have told me to if I was still a kid – but I’m really glad we went. But today, tonight and the next few days, I’m definitely taking it easy.


Gargling With Salt Water

Can we first just acknowledge how weird and gross sounding the word ‘gargle’ is?

It’s official. I’m sick. I felt it start to creep in on Monday evening and by Tuesday morning, I had a full fledged head cold. In a very fun twist of events, I’ve also lost my voice today. I spent most of yesterday coughing – sometimes a dry cough, sometimes a hacking cough – and by end of the work day and through the evening, the back of my throat was really sore from coughing.

The cold symptoms are easing but not the throat. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. with a hacking cough (crap in my throat) and my throat on fire. I couldn’t get the crap out and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I remember that as a kid, my dad had us gargle salt water when we had sore throats.

I didn’t have fond memories of this but a quick search on the smartphone told me that it should help relieve my pain and move that crap out. Worth a shot.

Apprehensive of the taste, I reminded myself that I ate bone marrow and pig ears – a saltwater gargle would be cake. And it was – and almost immediately after, I coughed out the crap in my throat and could swallow without burning pain. I’d call that a win for salt water!


  • Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt into 8 oz of water
  • Gargle small pulls of water for 15-30 seconds and spit out
  • Continue until all water is gone

Not rocket science.

After a quick gargle session this morning, my throat’s feeling much better. I’m hoping to feel well enough by lunch time to finish up the work day from the office and not my couch.

The Fray: KBCO Select-A-Set Show

As much as I love being active and dropping money for yoga/camping/running/hiking/swimming gear, I’d sooner shell out money for new music cds and concerts. Music is my first love.

I’ve been to countless concerts over the years (and already have tickets to so many this year!), have an extensive collection of music on my computer/iPod/purchased cds. I even had a brief stint singing  in my brother’s now very successful band, The Pinstripes. To be very clear: my stint was VERY brief and has zero relation to their success. I may love music but I am no singer.

Last weekend, one of the local radio stations, KBCO, played a 3 song set that I submitted. KBCO regularly asks listeners to submit a ’3 song set’ to be played on their ‘Select A Set’ weekends. If your set gets played, you win a smaller prize and all sets that were played are entered into a much larger contest. This time, the smaller prize was an intimate concert with The Fray and the larger prize is an expenses-paid trip to Moab, UT.

While driving home from dinner last Sunday, Alex and I were listening to KBCO and The Head and The Heart’s , Down in the Valley, came on. I love this song and asked Alex to not change the station. At the end of the song, the DJ said, ‘That 3 song set was submitted to us by Lynne in Denver’. Cue Lynne from Denver’s freak out.

I’d submitted songs by The Lumineers (Ho Hey), Ryan Adams (Lucky Now), and The Head and The Heart (Down In The Valley).

Because my set was played, I was invited to an intimate concert with The Fray. You likely know The Fray from their hits like: Over My Head, How To Save a Life, You Found Me and their new song, Heartbeat. The Fray is also homegrown right here in Denver, Colorado!

(I know, I know. I need a real camera. Still.)

The show was at the Soiled Dove Underground on Saturday evening. It was AWESOME. They played stripped down versions of their songs and were very interactive with the crowd. Since it was such a small show (think small comedy club sized room), they even offered to take questions from the audience.

I had so many favorite parts about the show but I think what I liked best is that The Fray were able to play songs that probably don’t get played at their full-scale, larger shows. The last song in particular was the very best icing on the cake for me.

Issac, the lead singer, played a solo, acoustic, no microphone/speaker/electronics version of their song called Happiness. During the many months of Long Distance Relationship-ing, I would listen to this song on the plane home from visiting Alex. I got a bit teary-eyed hearing this song; it punctuated a time in my life when I was missing my love and to hear it again, live and so authentically, with him standing with me, was such a treat.

I loved every minute of the show. Thanks a million, KBCO, for playing my set and hooking me up to see The Fray. To anyone in a city where the Fray is playing this spring, go see them. It is absolutely worth your time and money!

Yoga Redemption

If Tuesday was the Worst Exercise Day post-surgery, Wednesday was Exactly What The Doctor (me) Ordered: Yoga Redemption

I recently bought a Groupon for unlimited classes for 30 days at my favorite group of yoga studios, Corepower Yoga. Corepower has a number of studios in Denver (and in a few other states) and offer a variety of yoga classes and levels throughout the day – heated and non-heated.

I decided to start my 30 days yesterday and went to the 5:15 p.m. CorePower 2 (CPY 2) class. CPY 2 is a class for those who have the basics of the CPY flow down and are looking to build their practice. It flows faster than the CPY 1 or CPY 1.5 and the studio is heated. I’ve been to many classes at Corepower and CP2 is where I feel most comfortable.

Unsure if I’d be able to handle a CPY 2 class as my first practice back though, I figured that if it was too much, I could take breaks in Child’s Pose or Down Dog. Off to CPY 2 I went.

It was an excellent practice for me – the intention for the class was DETOXIFICATION. Detoxing our minds and bodies. It was exactly what I needed to mentally focus on – in fitness and other areas of my life.  

To detox, we did lots of cleansing twists throughout the hour. I struggled with holding my poses strong towards the end of the hour but I kept up pretty well. I worked out my mental and physical toxins in that hour and left feeling much lighter and with a more positive outlook.

My arms/legs/booty/abs/EVERYTHING is sore today and I feel super tired. Like I had a great workout yesterday and my body is recovering. Oh wait! That’s what I did! It’s such a foreign feeling to me after all of these months.

While I have my 30 unlimited days, my goal is to make it to yoga 4x a week. I love the mental and physical aspect to yoga – pushing our bodies and our minds to be still, focused while working.

And judging by how tired and sore my muscles are today, I know that I’ll be much stronger this time next month.

Deflated, Not Defeated: First Attempt At A Run

Remember this post when I was feeling pretty good about having to start over in fitness? Yeah, I don’t feel that way right now. Not one bit.

Yesterday, it was 68* at lunch time. I’d brought my workout clothes so that I could walk outside during my lunch instead of taking a quick break and working through. I planned to walk a familiar route that I’d run so many times before my knee issues began.

With how great I felt about skiing and hiking this past weekend, I decided to try my first ‘real’ run in more than a year. I’ve run 1 mile on the treadmill (run/walk every .25 miles) but my intention yesterday was to go out, nice and easy, and gage how I feel.

Well, I felt terrible.

The first thing I noticed? Everything on my body jiggling. Very uncomfortable. No muscle.

Then, about .3 miles into my very easy run, I couldn’t catch my breath. No endurance.

So I decided I would run/walk. I walked about .15 miles, caught my breath and started a slow run. Pushing through the hard parts is the only way to increase endurance and strength, right?

About .35 miles later, I had to quit running. My muscles were tired, I couldn’t breath, I had a huge stitch in my side (<– is there an official word for this??). A stitch big enough to make me want to cry.

I walked the rest of the way back to my office. I ran/walked 1.75 miles in 24 minutes; since I still had half of my lunch break left, I finished up in our office fitness center and lifted some weights (arms, lunges, abs).

Logically, I know that I’m starting from zero. I haven’t been able to *really* exercise since Feb 2011. More than 1 year ago. Really, I have lost ANYTHING I had.

But for some reason, I still had this delusion that I am further along in recovery than I am. It’s because everything else has been going so well – my knee doesn’t hurt, I’m getting more active. None of what I’m doing has been building my endurance though.

Yesterday brought me sharply back to reality. I really am starting over. It’s hard to keep it in perspective in the moment – I was so frustrated that I wasn’t able to run even 1/2 of a mile without stopping yesterday. I’ve run half marathons! Played all day volleyball tournaments! And now I’m reduced to stopping every .3 miles running.

But I do have to keep it in perspective – I’m only 4 weeks off my crutches TODAY. The fact that I’m doing all I’m doing without pain or discomfort is incredible. The fact that I’m even running for .3 miles – more than I’ve been able to run in MORE THAN A YEAR! without pain – is extraordinary!

The bad days make the good days that much better (Thanks, Sarah!)  Each time I get my butt out there and get moving, it will get easier. I will get stronger. I will build my endurance.

Yesterday, I was deflated but not defeated.

Today, I’m keeping it in perspective and moving forward.

Birthdaycation: Hiking McCullough Gulch

I’m glad that of the 6 of us in Breckenridge this weekend, Alex’s brother, Sam was unable to ski, like me, due to knee surgery. I would have found fun ways to entertain myself but it was really nice to have a buddy.

While everyone else hit the slopes on Friday morning, Sam and I drove a few miles south of Breckenridge to hike McCullough Gulch, based on this description. A 2.8 mile hike was tolerable for both Sam and I and would work out the lactic acid from the previous days ski adventure. Realizing we wouldn’t be seeing any waterfalls and the lake would be frozen, we packed our bags and hoped for the best.

This is what we saw when we parked.

That’s Quandry Peak, a ’14er’ as we Coloradians call them – a mountain more than 14,000 feet in elevation.

The hike to McCullough Gulch followed just north of Quandry. It was quite impressive to look at during our hike!

We parked at what we thought was the trail head and started on the ‘trail’. It turned out that our ‘trail’ is usually a road but is too snow packed in the winter. We were actually 2 miles away from the McCullough Gulch trail head.

We hiked anyway and decided to see how far we could get.

It was a beautiful hike – mostly snow packed as it looked like snowmobiles and dogsleds had been on the trail before us. 

This was where the snow mobiles turned around and it should have been our cue to turn around too. This was just 2 miles into our hike – where the 2.8 mile hike to McCullough Gulch started.

As soon as the snowmobiles turned around, the snow became considerably less packed and we spent a lot of time digging ourselves out.

Sam is about my height – 5’10″/5’11″. The snow was up to our knees initially, then quickly our hips and waist. We called it quits at 2.1 miles from our start. McCullough Gulch will have to wait for a less snowy day!

During our whole 4.2 mile round trip hike, we didn’t see one other person or animal. It was so serene and peaceful – just me, Sam and the wind blowing through the trees.

Our hike took us about 2+ hours and we were spent by the time we got back to the car.

As much as I would have loved to have been on the slopes this trip, NOT being able to ski gave me the opportunity to explore other winter fun that I might not otherwise have ever tried. I really enjoyed cross country skiing and this hike was challenging and beautiful – both I would have missed if I’d been able to ski. #perspective

Side note!

I wore my Sparkly Soul headbands all weekend in Breckenridge – they stayed put through 2 hours of cross country skiing and 4 miles of hiking! I know I raved about them in my review but really, I can’t rave enough. So functional and so cute! My headbands also caught the attention of most of the women I encountered - they wanted to know where they could get their own. 

Fashion + function + exercise/active living = amazing product.

BIRTHDAYCATION: Cross Country Skiing in Breckenridge

Hello from Breckenridge! I’m spending a few days in Breck with Alex, his brothers and their girlfriend & wife to celebrate our birthdays.

We arrived yesterday in Breck. On the way up, Alex, Mark and Molly stopped at Loveland Ski Area to get their ski legs back before spending a full day at Breckenridge today. With Alex’s season pass, he’s able to get discounted lift tickets for guests so it was a cheap way to get acclimated to Colorado skiing.

Instead of downhill skiing, Sam (Alex’s other twin brother) and Sara (Sam’s wife) and I continued on to Breckenridge to seek out some fun. Sam had ACL surgery just a few days before my first knee surgery so we both are keeping off the slopes this year.

We found the Breckenridge Nordic Center that offered cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Bingo! For $30 (including rentals), we could try cross country skiing and if we didn’t like it, swap to snowshoeing.

Cross country skiing is no joke. We got skis that are skinnier than downhill skis and poles – it took us a while to get our rhythm going on the field but man was it fun!

The weather was fanTASTic – it was 40* and big blue skies. I wore my running tights, snow pants, a t-shirt and a snow coat (thank you, Morgan!) and I was warm enough to take my coat off while we were out in the snow.

We skiied for about 2 hours through small hills and flat meadow lands – it was beautiful.

It was awesome and exhausting, exactly how a day of skiing should be, right?


After we finished our day and returned our equipment, I very pretty shirt caught my eye and for a very nice 25% off sale, I bought myself a birthday gift. Enter my new favorite shirt.

This shirt is by a company called Lole – a women’s active clothing company covering everything from yoga to running to tennis to travel.

What really caught my eye was the length! I have a super long torso and have a very very time finding long shirts for working out/being active that are long enough for me. This shirt is not only long enough but also has ties on the side to scrunch the shirt up if I want it a bit shorter/fashionable.

Another cool feature? The thumb holes.

With the warm weather today and this week (and me not having a warm long sleeve shirt to wear instead of a coat), this shirt will be the perfect layer for active days outside in Breck. And hiking in the spring. And chilly nights camping in the summer. And cool fall bike rides.

On today’s agenda? Hiking and snowshoeing. I am loving birthdaycation! (Post here!)

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my 26th birthday (and my blog’s 1st birthday and Oreo’s 100th birthday! ) This year, I’ve been driving for 10 years (how is this possible?!) and legally drinking for 5 – Thanks for that reminder this morning, Dad!

I’ll be celebrating with a few special things today but the big celebration starts tonight and goes through the weekend. Alex’s twin brothers turn 30 tomorrow and we’re headed to Breckenridge to spend the weekend playing in the mounatins.

I will be continuing my personal birthday tradition of eating a Jersey Mike’s Chipotle Cheesesteak today. For the past 4 years, I’ve enjoyed a birthday cheesesteak – one of the best parts of my day! And, it’s free if you sign up on their email list!

My friend Molly who is visiting (she’s also Alex’s brother’s girlfriend) gave me a birthday gift to open last night – it’s a birthday camera!

A disposable camera! The camera has 6 different birthday themed designs for the photos I take.

I’m using the camera to document various aspects of my day. I love the idea of photographing different parts of my day so when I look back, I can remember what I was doing the day I turned 26. This might be a new birthday tradition…

And for those who may have forgotten how to use a disposable camera, directions are included.

Cheers to birthdays and birthday cameras!

Denver Eats! Euclid Hall

On Saturday morning, Alex’s brother, Mark, and girlfriend (and my friend and bridesmaid!) Molly, landed in Denver for Birthdaycation (my birthday on Wednesday, Alex’s twin older brothers birthday on Thursday) Alex and I wanted to wow them for their first night in Denver with this restaurant we’ve been wanting to try and have heard great things about: Euclid Hall.

Fortunately for us, Euclid Hall is participating in Denver Restaurant Week!

February 25 – March 9 is Denver Restaurant Week, 2 of my favorite weeks all year. Many of the restaurants in Denver participate and provide a 3 or 4 course meal for $52.80 per couple (or $26.40 for a single person). It’s a great opportunity to try restaurants with a higher price point or to enjoy a menu with food you may not otherwise order.

We had 8 p.m. reservations and when we got to the restaurant, the place was hoppin’ with people and music. I feel in love with the atmosphere immediately – it was dimly light with interesting lighting, giant chalk boards in the entry way with the daily beer specials and ‘must know’ terminology (schnitzel, poutine, etc) and interesting music was playing.

We were quickly seated and given our Restaurant Week menus to review – the menu was more extensive that we’d seen online. Lots of phenomenal sounding choices! 

Alex and I decided to approach Euclid Hall with the mentality that we order food that we would not usually order if we’d come outside of Restaurant Week. To us, it was an opportunity to try new flavors and dishes that we may otherwise never venture to order.

And try new dishes we did.

With Restaurant Week, each person was allowed to select 1 beer/wine/cocktail, 1 appetizer, 1 entrée and each couple shared a dessert (all for $52.80 a couple!!). For our two appetizers, Alex and I ordered Pad Thai Pig Ears and Bruléed Center Cut Beef Bone Marrow.

I tried the pig ears first. I had no idea what to expect of this dish – I’ve never had pig ears before! It was decent – it was served with bamboo shoots, peanuts and Thai flavoring. The flavor was very vinegary (not a pig ear thing, just a flavoring thing) and slightly spicy. The pig ear itself was cut into little strips so it was easily eaten with a fork; it was slightly chewy and crunchy because of the cartilage in each slice.

Alex started with the bone marrow.

I can honestly say that I’d never, ever had a desire to try bone marrow. I’ve seen it on Bizzare Foods and No Reservations but it just never looked like something I’d want to eat. However, my philosophy is to always try everything once so I gave the bone marrow a shot. I was the last of our table of 4 to try it and after hearing it be described as ‘MEAT JELL-O’ and ‘having the consistency of a runny egg’, I was not too excited about this taste.

I was not a fan at all - it was mostly a texture issue because I think the flavor could have been good if I wasn’t preoccupied with the slimy jelly in my mouth. Alex enjoyed it and finished most of the marrow. His remark was that while he enjoyed it, the bone was massive and he’d probably have prefered a smaller bone.

Just when I thought we were done with the bone marrow, our server offered us a ‘Bone Luge Shot’. It was a shot of Apple Bourbon Whiskey that’s poured into the top of the bone and enjoyed out the bottom. I was the lucky candidate for the bone luge.

I made sure to scrape all of the extra bone marrow out before doing the shot. It was definitely an experience and I’m glad I tried the bone marrow but I’m not sure it’s something I’d want to order from a menu again.

Next came entrée: Steak Poutine and Griddled Camembert and Pear Preserve Sandwich.

I loved the steak poutine – steak, french fries and cheese together in perfect harmony.

Our second entrée, Camembert and Pear Sandwich, served with sliced grapes, was okay but not something I’d probably order again.

To be honest, we ordered it because it’s a fancy grilled cheese for $14.50 regularly – something we’d likely never order on a later visit. I had high hopes for this one because I LOVE camembert cheese. The sandwich tasted mostly of pear, though, and the bread was very buttery. It was tasty and I liked the idea of camembert cheese paired with pear but it just missed the mark a little bit for me.

Last up was dessert! Our table was stuffed after appetizers, entrées and a couple of beers that when it came time to eat dessert, we all groaned, trying to figure out where the dessert was going to fit!

Both Mark and Molly and Alex and I ordered the Sourdough Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich with salted butterscotch ice cream and praline.

(That’s a terrible photo, I know. I’m still saving my allowance to buy a real camera.)

This was a light and tasty treat – a perfect way to end the night! The sourdough waffle was an interesting juxtaposition with the salty butterscotch ice cream. I’m a fan of all things salty (not a sweets girl!) so this dessert won my heart.

Our server also brought us a small taste of beer (I cannot remember which beer this was) to pair with the dessert and it worked really well together. Slightly hoppy and citrusy, very fresh tasting.

Overall, Euclid Hall is definitely a restaurant I’d like to come back and try again. There were so many great sounding options on the menu that I wanted to taste!

What I think I loved the most about Euclid Hall though, is the ambiance - they have louder, indie/electronic music in the background, comfy seats and unique decorations (chalk boards, light bulbs). It’s not a place to visit if you’re looking for a quiet night out but If you’re looking for an interesting tasting and fun atmosphere to start your weekend off, Euclid Hall is your place.

 Just be sure not to eat so much that you’re totally stuffed and need a nap, like we did. Birthdaycation win. :)

Glacading At St. Mary's Glacier

We have visitors this week! On Saturday, Alex’s brother and girlfriend came to Denver and on Tuesday, another brother and wife will be joining us for BIRTHDAYCATION. My 26th birthday is on Wednesday, the brothers (twins) 30th birthday is on Thursday – the past 3 years, we’ve celebrated our birthdays together and this year, everyone decided to come to Denver for the week and celebrate their big 3-0!

Yesterday, I ventured into the mountains for the first time this winter. Since I spent most of the winter on crutches, my weekends were in Denver doing crutch-friendly activities. When Alex suggested a hike to St. Mary’s Glacier on Sunday, I could hardly contain my excitement!

Alex suggest St. Mary’s hike because it’s a quick drive from Denver (40 minutes) and a short 3/4 mile hike to the base of the glacier. The hike may be short but for 2 non-Denverites (Alex’s brother and girlfriend) and 1 surgery-recoverer (me) it was still challenging. I may be used to the Denver altitude but an elevation of 10,000+ feet makes it hard for anyone to breathe.

But the challenging hike is worth the reward.

It was a perfect day for hiking – sunny, no clouds, slightly chilly. Really, it could not have been more perfect of a day!

It took maybe 20+ minutes with frequent water breaks to hike to the base of the glacier (seen above). We marveled at the huge mountain and glacier to the left, snapped a few photos before deciding to conquor the glacier, too.

I was the only one who wore running tights – everyone else wore jeans – and I’m so glad I did! While my Reebok tights were thin, they were fairly resistant to the wind and kept my body heat with me. They also turned out to be far superior when it came time to glacade.

See those 4 tiny dots up top? the upper 2 are Alex and Philly (the dog), the next lower two are me and my friend Molly (she’s also Alex’s brother’s girlfriend). It took about 10 minutes to get up that high. The hike was SUPER windy – wind bursts every few minutes that felt like they’d knock me back down the glacier!

I hiked up to meet Alex and Philly. The view was INCREDIBLE.

Once I met Alex at the top, it was time to glacade down! Essentially, glacading means hiking up a glacier and then sliding back down on the snow/ice. We let Philly run down herself and Alex and I settled in and glacaded! It was exhilirating!

This is where my running tights REALLY benefitted: the moisture wicking properties kept my pants dry while sliding down and kept the snow from sticking to my booty. So at the bottom of the glacier when Alex’s jeans were packed with snow and wet, my booty was nice and dry. Winning!

This was the most fun I’ve had in the mountains ALL winter! Alex and I plan to come back in the summer – I’ve been told that cliff jumping into the lake blows glacading out of the water…