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I live in and LOVE Denver. As much as I enjoy traveling, I am so happy to call Denver home. There is always something to do in this city! From racing to restaurants, there’s something here for everyone.

Here, you’ll find posts about my favorite things to do in Denver/Colorado.

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Get Out and PLAY! Colorado is one giant playground for people who love to be active and explore. 

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HutTripsGiving: Ben Eiseman Hut Trip

Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning here - getting to this hut is no frickin’ joke. It was super hard and honestly, if I don’t make it back to Ben Eiseman in the winter for a couple of years, it might still be too soon. I’m kidding. Kind of.

Like last year, our friends Brandon and Dan coordinated a Thanksgiving hut trip and Alex and I snagged an invite. Instead of trekking to 2 huts over the long weekend, the group opted to stay at one hut for all 3 nights so Brandon selected Ben Eiseman Hut, a 10th Mountain Division hut just outside Vail. The hut sleeps 16+ people and is one of the more isolated huts, according to the 10th Mountain Division website.

The hike in was 7 long, upward miles. The first couple of miles were gentle inclines but as the day dragged on, it felt like we’d never reach the hut. We knew the last 1.5 miles were really steep switchbacks but knowing didn’t make the doing any easier.

In total, it took us 8-9 hours to get to the hut so warning to future hut trippers, leave the trailhead before 10 a.m. We did not and arrived in the dark which is a little bit disconcerting, especially for first time hut trippers/snowshoers/backpackers (our group had many).

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip // Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip // Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Overjoyed to finally reach the hut and exhausted from trekking with heavy, heavy packs, we started the fire and prepped the hut for those who were still out. A short deliberation about eating Thanksgiving dinner that night ensued (hunger vs. exhaustion) and ultimately, gorging on the heavy ass food we carried in won. And almost immediately after, the entire cabin called it a night and passed out in a matter of minutes.

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

The next 2 days were spent doing whatever the hell we wanted. We built really fun (and not very safe) sled hills outside the hut. We played Farkle, Trivial Pursuit and Cards Against Humanity multiple (+multiple) times. We read books and magazines. We cooked and ate 10+ packs of bacon (10+ because I lost count). We drank Mountain Margaritas. We listened to and sang along with Shake It Off too many time. In short, we had a blast.

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip // Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Blurry photo courtesy of dim lighting and too much wine.

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip //

Ben Eiseman Thanksgiving Hut Trip // lgsmash.comWhile the trek in was painstakingly long, our time spent at the hut was fabulous. Almost to the point that short term memory loss could kick in and trick me into hut tripping at Ben Eiseman again in the near future. Almost.

The sunrises and sunsets were absolutely stunning and the views from and around the hut were incredible. The hut itself was so spacious and beautiful. The company was hilarious and awesome and the food was the best I’ve had in the backcountry. One of the best part of hut trips is knowing that the other 15 people who are at the hut with you are just as crazy about the mountains as you are. We come from different walks but our passion is the same: Get outside, have fun, do things you love and be with people you enjoy.

But back to Ben Eiseman: It’s well worth the hike if you’re prepared for what you’re getting into. I probably wouldn’t recommend this hut to a first timer but it is doable – ours survived and are excited about future hut trips and snowshoeing.


It’s Thanksgiving and right now, I’m somewhere along 1-70, driving out west for the Second Annual Thanksgiving Hut Trip. There’s so much to be thankful for each and every day but, of course, today is the day we shout it out and share the feeling with friends and family. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a Thanksgiving note but today, Internet friends, I am.

Green-Wilson/Tagert + Lindley Hut Trip //

1. Family. I was lucky enough to spend a big chunk of my summer with my brother living in Boulder. And even more lucky that we were able to take a really awesome road trip together to visit our sister in August. Alex and I are lucky to have big families who support and celebrate our life choices and I am very thankful for that!

2. Friends who feel like family. And friends who, despite not seeing each other in a while, feel like no time has passed at all. And friends who just GET you. And friends who make you laugh till you cry. And friends who don’t live close but still remain close. And internet friends who are still ‘real friends’ even though we’ve never met in real life. Friends, I love you!

3. Life. Feels like a cop-out but I am thankful for life as it is in this moment. Sure, it’s not perfect but I am very thankful to be who I am, where I am. Happy, healthy, employed – what more can a gal ask for?

4. Colorado. Oh, Colorado. I am thankful for the endless playtime opportunities you afford me. Backpacking, trail running, skiing, winter camping, snowshoeing, patio dining, outdoor concerts and so much more. And the 300+ days of blue skies are just icing on the cake.

5. My husband. So cliché but it is true: I am so thankful to be married to the man who is my husband. He just gets me in a way I never imagined anyone could. I love the life we’ve created together and am so excited about the life we’re planning. No matter what happens in this world, as long as I’ve got my person, I know everything will be just fine.

(also, wine. I’m thankful for big glasses of wine.)

Happy Thanksgiving!