Denver & Colorado

I live in and LOVE Denver. As much as I enjoy traveling, I am so happy to call Denver home. There is always something to do in this city! From racing to restaurants, there’s something here for everyone.

Here, you’ll find posts about my favorite things to do in Denver/Colorado.

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Canvas & Cocktails, Girls Night at Canvas and Cocktails!

Tease Studio (Pole fitness class!)

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Indoor Skydiving

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Gun Safety Class at Cherry Creek State Park

Get Out and PLAY! Colorado is one giant playground for people who love to be active and explore. 

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Denver Eats! There is no shortage of great food in this city.

Izakaya Den Sushi

India Oven

Banzai Sushi

Bull And Bush

Dining Out Paleo: Chipotle, HBurger, Garbanzo

Euclid Hall

Urban Trail Running: The Bluffs Regional Park

This little surprise trail in urban Highlands Ranch, Colorado, became an immediate favorite for me. Unfortunately for me, I found it far too late! As I start a new job in Downtown Denver today, this trail is too far of a drive for me to utilize regularly. Sad panda.

The Bluffs Regional Park //

The Bluffs Regional Park is a hidden trail, tucked behind a shopping center and smack-dab in the middle of neighborhood homes. It’s hilly and surprisingly tranquil, given its location. I learned about The Bluffs one winter night when I ran with the Lone Tree Runner’s Roost run club – they’d mentioned that because it was icy, we would run on the nearby sidewalks instead of the trails at The Bluffs. I made a mental note to check out the trail in the spring time. Fast forward to Kristen inviting me the Lone Tree Runner’s Roost for run club where we ran – you guessed it! – The Bluffs.

From the Lone Tree Runner’s Roost, it’s a 4 mile run to and around the park. From the parking lot, it’s a 2.5 mile loop.

The Bluffs Regional Park //

The 2.5 mile loop is hilly with a few sections of flat on a packed dirt trail. There are no trees and no shade so plan accordingly – lots of sunscreen, a hat and extra water!

The Bluffs Regional Park //

The Bluffs Regional Park //

This is a popular trail but it’s never felt overcrowded to me. I’ve run in the mornings before work and in the evenings after work. You’ll encounter runners, walkers with pups, mountain bikers…and snakes on occasion. I’ve only (literally) run into a snake once – it wasn’t a rattler and it wasn’t very big but it was an immediate reminder to keep my eyes on the ground ahead of me.

My favorite part of The Bluffs is how close it was to my work (5 minutes!) and how stepping on to the trail leaves the city noise behind. The view of the front range isn’t too shabby either.

Solo or with friends, give this trail a shot if you’re looking for an easy loop in south Denver without wanting to drive too far.

Trail Running with New Balance Elite Runners (Foam Fresh 980 Shoe Launch)

On a random Thursday in July, I called in a PTO day and drove myself up to Boulder for a full day of trail running with New Balance. Truthfully, I’m not sure how the New Balance PR team found me online but I was super jazzed and humbled to be invited to attend the launch of their new Foam Fresh 980 trail running shoes.

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event //

But let’s back up a bit first.

In college, I had and loved a pari burnt orange New Balance classic style sneaks. I wore them everywhere to the point of wearing multiple holes into the toebox fabric and my then-boyfriend-now-husband was on the verge of refusing to be seen with me in my tattered shoes. I hadn’t thought much about New Balance after that until I attended a marketing conference in Boston last year and the Director of Global Marketing and Brand Management for New Balance, Hillary Keats, spoke about their Runnovation initiative, telling inspiring runner stories and, ultimately, redefining running as a social activity. The presentation was super interesting and I liked what I heard from Hillary Keats; New Balance was back on my radar.

Fast forward to this July. When the PR contact emailed me, inviting me to participate in this trail running event to celebrate the Foam Fresh 980 shoe launch, I excitedly wrote back, I’m in! I had no idea what I was signing up for but knew I wanted to be part of the ‘runnovation’ I’d heard about last October in Boston.

On that Thursday, after meeting the full group of ‘media’ – which included some friendly faces I already know! Heidi, Marissa, Heather and Kia were also invited – and elite runners – like Anton Krupicka, a dude who WINS 100 mile races – we all hopped on a bus bound for Fowler Trail in Eldorado Canyon near Boulder to take a pair of brand spankin’ new Foam Fresh 980 trail shoes out for a spin.

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event // New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event //

We set out on a (hot!) 3 mile trail run. And when you set out a bunch of blogger friends out on a trail run, you can absolutely expect we will stop to take photos on pretty trails.

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event //

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event //

What I failed to mention is that while we bloggers were beginning our 3 mile loop, the elite runners were (probably) finishing their 3 mile loop. They’ve got speedy, speedy legs! New Balance team runners included Anton Krupicka, Dominic Grossman, Gina Lucrezi and Brandy Erholtz.

After the trail run, we headed back to Boulder for some lunch and a Q&A with the New Balance elite runners. It was incredibly interesting to hear about their race perspective, training schedules and daily lives. I (foolishly) assumed that because each person was a New Balance sponsored athlete, they didn’t work ‘normal’ jobs but that is so far from the truth! Brandy is a new mom and balances training (and winning races) with parenting, being a wife, a full time job as a teacher and coaching track. Dominic is an engineer and manages employees at an office. Until recently, Gina also held a full time job but is now able to dedicate herself to her running full time. Anton was the only one of the group who runs full time.

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Press Event //


It felt like an ‘ah ha!’ moment, realizing these elite runners, while definitely kickass at running, are normal people like the rest of us. They work to find time to train AND have lives, they face race disappointment and injury, they are realistic and down to earth. And while their bucket list races are VERY different than mine, they have races they aspire to run and crush.

One of their closing remarks was about being approachable and it really struck me. They’d been asked about how to foster community in the ultrarunning world and they all echoed the same thing. Be approachable. You (read: they) might have just won a race but that race kicked your ass just as much as the person who finishes last. You’re all in the same mental and physical fatigue pain cave at the end of a race – just because you’re faster doesn’t mean the slower runners didn’t work as hard or don’t feel as tired. So if you see these folks at a race, go say hi! They’re super nice, very personable and really interesting.

I left the event feeling super inspired – almost convinced I should sign up for a trail ultramarathon! But then I came to my senses and remembered super long distances aren’t my thing. At all. I’ll leave the ultra running to Heidi and Paula.

But what about the shoes, right?

Well, I’ll get a full review up soon but I really, really, really like them for trail running (and walking). The shoe is super cushioned – as you’d expect with Foam in the name – but also super stable and grippy on rocky trails.

New Balance Foam Fresh 980 Trail Shoes //

I’ve been running in only these shoes on trails since New Balance gave them to me; they make my feet and knees feel really great on uphills and downhills alike. I also brought these guys on my road trip for hikes at Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon and Mesa Verde National Park – super comfortable for long walks and hours standing/walking. More to come but I am definitely a big fan of these shoes.

tl;dr New Balance Foam Fresh 980s are a super cushion-y trail running shoe and the New Balance elite team runners are badasses. Say hi when you see them.

Basic Mountaineering School: High Peak Graduation Climb (Citadel/Pettingell Traverse)

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