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  1. Can I have doctor’s name that performed your OCD surgeries? I live near
    Denver and want to see your doc for OCD in ankles, having failed
    2 treatments. Thanks so much, Michelle

  2. The Panerathon is a 5K/10K that is a family fun event that encourages community participation and family fun in Colorado Springs. All proceeds benefit Care and Share Food Bank.

    Unique this year is that we are teaming up with Charity Miles. It is a free iphone/Android app. Where 25 cents per every mile ran and 10 cents per every mile walked will be donated to Feeding America, A National Agency that provides money to Care and Share Food Bank.

    Can we share this on Igmash? I would be happy to share training tips and even recipes for people training for their first 5K.

  3. Firstly, this is not a spam emial!
    Secondly, your blog rocks.
    My name is Sophie Canter and I’m a casting producer for the game show Let’s Ask America. We’re starting up casting for our second season, and we believe you would bring a great energy to our show. We came across your blog and thought you would be perfect!

    I’m reaching out to you because I’m casting Season 2 of “Let’s Ask America,” a game show where contestants can win up to $50,000 by answering “Family Feud” style questions via Skype, and I wanted to give you and your followers the opportunity to apply! We are looking for outgoing, fun, high-energy people to guess what other Americans are thinking!

    Please let me know if you are interested in applying and if you can also pass this on (especially on your blog).
    We need hundreds of contestants, so all are welcome to try-out!
    Thank you!

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