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I started this blog as a way to document my journey with Osteochondritis Dissecans in both of my knees with knee surgeries on the horizon. In 2011, I participated in a medical study utilizing the DeNovo NT cartilage graft to repair the damaged cartilage in my knees. So far, so good! It’s more than 3 years later and I’ve been running, climbing mountains, backpacking, swimming and more with no knee pain.¬†You can read more about Osteochondritis Dissecans and DeNovo NT surgery here.

Post Surgery Crutches // lgsmash.com

As I recovered from surgery, this blog focused on getting back into sports and fitness, post ‘injury.’ I shared my highs and lows and candid thoughts on spending 3 months on crutches.

With surgery behind me and a green light to charge full-steam ahead, I did just that and my blog followed. You’ll now find regular backpacking trip reports, gear reviews, current fitness endeavors and general life musings here. And a whole slew of jumping photos. I do love a good jumping photo.

Mt. Evans Practice Run // lgsmash.com

I try to live every day as it’s own adventure. So often, adventure is thought of as this big, unattainable THING that’s only accessible to folks with lots of money, lots of free time or lots of both. But I subscribe to an alternate truth. Adventure is found every day in life. In your work place, in your city, in your relationship, in your fitness. Adventure is a frame of mind, available to anyone and everyone who choose to accept it.

So follow along as I share my adventures – big and small – and I hope to inspire you to find a little extra adventure in your own life.


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  1. Okay this is REALLY random, but I was on study abroad with Sarah (the girl who got you running half marys) in Buenos Aires back in 2007! SMALL world :)

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  4. Hey, I wanted to ask you what your docs etc think about you planning to run again? I have in my right knee as well. It was a very large fault which after some smaller surgery needed a more extreme stem cell graft. That was 2 years ago and I still find it hard to get a straight answer out of anyone medical. I would love to run again but don’t want to destroy my graft. I do a lot of riding but it’s not the same.Some people have suggested running strengthen bones and at this stage may even be good for it. These people are genarally runners though :)

    • Did u get an answer on this? I have had 3 surgeries for this as well. I want to run so bad, but the docs said I shouldn’t run again. :( My PT had said I could run but then I would be back in sooner for a full knee replacement. I am currently 30 yrs old and I wan to run sooo bad. I miss it. I love the marathon scene and racing!!!


      Know of anyone who has had the surgery and is still running after the surgeries??? Successfully and without pain??


  5. I am your foodie penpal this month! I will be emailing you later today about that but I just wanted to read some of your blog! I think its great you started running, I’m addicted to it! I also had a bad knee injury, hope it is healing well,I’ll be in touch soon :)

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