Hi there! Welcome to LGSMASH: The Blog. Nice to meet you!

I’m a twenty-something gal, living and loving life in Denver! Follow my journey as I document my experiences with my Osteochondritis Dissecans in my knees, how it impacts my active lifestyle and ultimately, how I recover and get back to the sports I love.

I also travel quite a bit for my professional and personal life and I use this blog to follow my travels.

In my athletic life: I’ve been active my entire life, playing volleyball and basketball growing up and have gotten into running in the recent years. I’ve been playing volleyball since the ripe ol’ age of 10, playing year round through high school, on a club team in college and have continued to play into my adult life.

I really only began running ‘for real’ in September 2009, after my friend Sarah invited me to run the Phoenix half marathon with her in January 2010.

Excited to run my first half!

After that, I was hooked. In 2010, I ran 3 half marathons (Rock N Roll Phoenix – January; Rock N Roll – Nashville – April; Colfax Half Marathon – May) and 1 10k (Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day run).

I also have a joint condition called Osteochondritis Dissecans which affects my knees. I’ve been on the disabled list from running and any impactful activity since February 2011. I had surgeries in October and December of 2011 to correct the cartilage and am starting to get back into activity and fitness.

In my personal life: My boyfriend recently asked me to be his wife in July 2011. After doing the long distance thing for 2.5+ years, Alex has moved from Florida to Denver and we are so excited to start our lives together in this active and vibrant city. You can follow my wedding posts here.

College graduation

In my traveling life:

Now that Alex and I are finally in the same city, my personal travel has slowed down some. I also am fortunate enough to travel for work. In 2010, I took more than 22 flight segments on Frontier Airlines alone! I love traveling: the hustle and bustle of the airports, the new cities and connecting with new people! While it sometimes the travel has its drawbacks, overall, I’m hooked. :)

Thanks for stopping by! 


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  1. Okay this is REALLY random, but I was on study abroad with Sarah (the girl who got you running half marys) in Buenos Aires back in 2007! SMALL world :)

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  4. Hey, I wanted to ask you what your docs etc think about you planning to run again? I have in my right knee as well. It was a very large fault which after some smaller surgery needed a more extreme stem cell graft. That was 2 years ago and I still find it hard to get a straight answer out of anyone medical. I would love to run again but don’t want to destroy my graft. I do a lot of riding but it’s not the same.Some people have suggested running strengthen bones and at this stage may even be good for it. These people are genarally runners though :)

    • Did u get an answer on this? I have had 3 surgeries for this as well. I want to run so bad, but the docs said I shouldn’t run again. :( My PT had said I could run but then I would be back in sooner for a full knee replacement. I am currently 30 yrs old and I wan to run sooo bad. I miss it. I love the marathon scene and racing!!!


      Know of anyone who has had the surgery and is still running after the surgeries??? Successfully and without pain??


  5. I am your foodie penpal this month! I will be emailing you later today about that but I just wanted to read some of your blog! I think its great you started running, I’m addicted to it! I also had a bad knee injury, hope it is healing well,I’ll be in touch soon :)

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