Life: Friday Fun

You know how on Fridays, you’re mostly just excited for it to be 5 p.m. so you can meet your friends for All You Can Eat Sushi? And how the week has felt really long because your body was super tired from running a half marathon and having busy evenings? And you just wanna read a blog post to giggle?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few things that made me laugh out loud this week.

1. Donkey with Casts //

My friend, Elizabeth, sent this to me and said it reminded her of me with knee surgeries. And you know what? In 5th grade, I did look like this when I had surgery on both knees at once. Thanks for that, Mom and Dad.



If you have 4 minutes, watch this. British voiceovers of animals in nature. The best. (Thanks, KK!)


3. Tearable Puns //

I saw this posted on Instagram last night (hi Trent!) and literally lol’ed at my desk. And then I found THESE!

Tearable Puns Tumblr / Tearable Puns



Have you seen Target’s Everyday Collection commercials? I really enjoy them – they’re big dramatic commercials for the everyday household items we buy. They’re fun! Danielle shared one of these Tweet-To-Runway mini-clips that Target is posting on YouTube and I couldn’t stop watching them. Or laughing at this one.

Hope you’re chuckling, or, like me, giggling at your desk.


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