Fitness: Post-Half-Marathon Recovery So Far

After we ran the Zooma Half Marathon on Saturday, my legs were shot. They were unprepared for 13.1 miles and they certainly let me know it! I was immediately sore – painfully sore!

Usually, I’ll hop into an ice bath after a race in an effort to reduce soreness but this weekend, we didn’t have enough time for ice baths before we had to check out of the Ritz. Now, I’m not sure the science behind ice baths but I know I’ve never been as sore as I was the past few days. (Runner’s World has a great article about the benefits – and science – of ice baths here.)

While we didn’t get an ice bath, this yoga mat/foam rolling set up after the race really helped ease the post-race tightness. Best idea ever. zooma womens half marathon florida // lgsmash.comWe drove the 3 hours back to Orlando, refueled with delicious kabobs with new friends (Hi Danielle!!) and simmered in a hot tub. Lots of travel, not a lot of movement.

My body SCREAMED at me on Sunday morning – everything was tight, my quads were in major pain. Sarah suggested we walk around her neighborhood and Lake Eola to loosen up our legs so we walked through the cute streets, the Lake Eola farmer’s market and rode on a swan boat.

Swan Boat Lake Eola // Swan Boat Lake Eola // lgsmash.comKristen and I flew home on Sunday evening – 2 flights and 6+ hours of sitting/travel. Not great for a tired and sore body!

It’s taken me a few days (as in, 3) to stand up unassisted, sit down without grimmacing and walk without hobbling. Today, I finally feel ‘normal’.

I’ve made an effort to take multiple walking breaks throughout my day, use the the restroom on the other side of my office and stretch constantly. Yesterday, I busted out my kettlebell and did a mini-session at home and holy moley! I was sore before I kettlebell’d but after my 30 minutes of swings, presses, deadlifts and abs, my sore, tight legs were replaced with normal legs!

I almost feel like I could take a short, easy run today. I won’t but I feel like I could. I’m going to give my body a few more easy days of recovery before hitting the pavement again. Until then, yoga and kettlebell at home, extra walking and lots of stretching will suffice.

For more tips on half marathon/marathon recover, check out Road Runner Girl’s post here.


Fitness: Post-Half-Marathon Recovery So Far — 2 Comments

  1. it’s def smart of you to give your body that rest time! it’s so hard to do a long-distance race and then travel a ton to get back home right after – or at least i can imagine it would be. i remember seeing girls shopping at the orlando outlets in the afternoon, and i knew they’d run the disney half that morning. i thought, “what a good idea to keep their legs moving so they don’t get tight!” but sometimes you don’t have that luxury. it’s inspiring to see you listen to your body and pay it respect by holding off on hitting the pavement!

  2. I’m really proud of you for running the half. Selfishly, that gives me hope for this year but also because I know how far you’ve come. It’s always hard when you have to travel and are crammed up after a long race. I’m glad to hear that you’re walking around a bit better now and that you’re giving your body some rest.

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