Fitness: What’s Your Dream Race?

Earlier this week, Women’s Running Magazine asked on their Facebook page, ‘If cost and training weren’t a factor, what would be your dream race? 

(Click photo for actual Facebook post)

(Click photo for actual Facebook post)

(Whatever that race is in the photo, I want to add it to my list!)

As I was packing for the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon and my trip to Florida this weekend (leaving this afternoon!), I kept thinking about this post and what my dream races would be. I’ve had a short list of dream races in my head and on my Fitness Bucket List pinterest board but reading through the comments of the Women’s Running Facebook post had me looking up even more, incredibly cool races. You all know I love to travel so it should come as no surprise that many of these are out-of-state or out-of-country!

Clearly, I prefer running races to biking or triathlons. And to justify a travel race, I feel like I need to run at least a half marathon. And I need to start running if I hope to cross some of these more realistic races off my list anytime in the near future.

I do know that when I find the drive to run marathons, the Flying Pig will be my first. Nothing like running through the streets of my hometown with thousands of people cheering and my family there to support me to ensure a great time (emotional time, not racing time – SO many hills in Cincinnati!). THAT is the way to get hooked on marathons, in my book!


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    • Girl, I AM in CO! :) I’ve only heard great things about the Flying Pig – so many of my friends have done it too! The hills are a LITTLE bit scary… I’ve walked those hills and it is HARD!

  1. I’m avoiding any race schedules for now…but I’d like to do a locally run relay (ie: not Ragnar but not necessarily in CO) and a trail race, probably a half marathon.

    I’m pretty sure that is a photo of the Big Sur Marathon in CA and I have no idea why I know that.

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