Food: Update on What The Heck To Eat For Breakfast

Last week, I asked you Paleo and Gluten Free eaters what you ate in the mornings, pre-workout and I received some great responses!

  • ‘I work out in the afternoon and will eat 1/2 banana w/ almond butter, 1/2 larabar, handful of nuts, etc before a workout.’Running To The Kitchen (<– she has lots of great Paleo recipes right now during her Whole30 challenge)
  • ‘Pre-workout for strength session: hard boiled egg; for conditioning: almond butter. I basically focus on a little protein and a lot of fat.’ – Gabby’s Gluten-Free
  • ‘Half a banana, almond butter. Sometimes protein bites (powder, almond butter, agave).’On Tap For Today
  • ‘I eat organic eggs for breakfast for most days of the week. Hard-boiled is good to have for on the go. Larabars I always have on hand since my work shifts dont allow me to actually take a break. Pumpkin Paleo pancakes are super delish, too, and nice for a variety. I typically won’t eat at least an hour before a workout.’ – Adventures of E
  • ‘I’ve been 80/20 paleo for a while now, and generally, unless I’m up an hour and a half before I work out, I don’t eat first. Your body (hopefully) has plenty stored up from the day before to get you through a morning workout, assuming you ate well the day before. But if I’m working out at 11 on a Saturday morning, I’ll get up at 8:30 and make three eggs in coconut oil. If I’m going in for a workout at 6, I’ll have some jerky or an avocado around 4 or 4:30. PaleOMG has some great breakfast food recipes, too‘ – Adventure Inspired
  • ‘I like fruit, apples and some almonds but usually toast is my go to.’ – Run To Munch
  • I generally don’t eat anything if I am working out right after I wake up. If I am working out over 1/2 hour later, I will just grab a small handful of raisins for some energy. Neither peanut butter nor bananas work for me before a workout. For Paleo, maybe something like sweet potato wedges? Those seem like a good base. Tina at might be a good resource for you!‘ – Winking Annie
  • ‘What I love to do is roast up a whole bunch of butternut squash for the week and then dish some out each morning. You can mix the chunks up with some egg whites and make a “pancake” or you can simple have whole eggs and a side of roasted butternut squash – the perfect combo of protein, carbs and fat before or after a good work out… PLUS this combo ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF!! You can also mix up some jarred tuna in olive oil with spinach, olives and sun-dried tomatoes… Maybe some green beans too if you want a little more green – that combo is also insanely delish!’ – GiGi Eats Celebrities

PaleoBfastTweets // lgsmash.comWhat I found interesting is that many of you said you didn’t eat before a morning workout! Alex has been telling me this is the way I should workout for YEARS but I refused to believe him. But after you all concurred, I had to admit defeat. And this weekend, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill without eating breakfast first… and I ran 3 miles, with plenty of energy.

I was also surprised to see so many people eat eggs before working out. I love eggs for breakfast but they’ve never struck me as a great pre-workout fuel option but with so many of you swearing by it, I think I am going to try a hard boiled egg before a longer morning workout.

Thank you all for your input!


Food: Update on What The Heck To Eat For Breakfast — 8 Comments

  1. OMG OMG, there is my comment! What an AWESOME SURPRISE! Totally unexpected! :)

    I love this post by the way, I love to see all the crazy awesome combos everyone is noshing on to fuel their days!! While I do love my butternut squash, pumpkin paleo pancakes sound LEGIT as do… Mmm sweet potato wedges! Who am I kidding, I love all of these ideas… And as a matter of fact, I am SUPER hungry right now, so it’s ON! :) Thank you hot stuff for posting some inspiration!

    • Thanks for your input last week!! :) It is really awesome to have such great pre-workout food ideas – helps to get out of a breakfast rut, too!

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