Life: Wine Cork Bulletin Board with Anne Franklin Designs

I know it’s not Saturday but I’ll be running the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon this coming Saturday and I wanted to share this fun event I went to yesterday!

One of my Denver Twitter friends, Anne Franklin, also owns her own business – Anne Franklin Designs – and sells her vintage inspired and repurposed jewelry, decorations and other items from her studio. Anne hosts a monthly craft session in her studio and January’s session was yesterday. Heidi, Kristen and I met up to make a mini-bulletin board with wine corks!

Anne made it super easy for us to show up and make our boards. She had all of the supplies ready for us: long, painted meter stick, board game pieces, thumb tacks, ribbon and a WHOLE lot of corks.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board // lgsmash

We used hot glue guns to glue the corks to our meter sticks.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board //

Wine Cork Bulletin Board //

Also included in our class fee: 1 glass of wine!

Wine Cork Bulletin Board //

After we finished gluing our corks, Anne had Scrabble and various other game pieces for us to make pins for our boards. I picked out ‘CREATE’ (my one little word for 2013!), 2 wooden circle pieces and an ‘A’ and ‘L’ and glued thumb tacks to the back of each piece.

Wine Cork Bulletin Board //

To hang our wine cork bulletin boards, Anne had drilled holes into one end of the meter sticks and we threaded ribbon through the hole to create a loop for hanging. Heidi, Kristen and I had such a good time making our bulletin boards, talking with Anne and the other gals who came and catching up with each other.

Anne is full of wonderful, creative ideas and suggestions and these monthly studio sessions are a super easy way to get the creative juices flowing. It’s a fun way to make projects accessible to people who might not otherwise engage in an art/craft project. We all have creativity inside us!

Check out Anne’s website for her products for sale, too. She’s got a lot of great necklaces up right now!


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    • So easy! And check out Heidi’s instagram for another idea of hanging – she hung hers horizontally over a white board!

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