Crafterday: DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Book

When I spent my week in Japan with Elizabeth, we had so many great, thoughtful conversations. We are very similar in so many ways and different in just as many. One of our conversations revolved around personality traits in our relationships (friends or boyfriend/husband) that are important to us by talking about our own personality traits. Elizabeth remarked that we are both sentimental – I’d never used that word to describe myself but instantly, I realized it was true. I save concert stubs, trinkets from vacations and mementos from favorite experiences.

When Alex wanted to toss all of the cards we’d received from our wedding, I was horrified! Of course we won’t throw them out! I didn’t know quite what we’d do with them but I knew I didn’t want to lose those words, sentiments and memories. So I kept them. In a plastic bag in a corner of our apartment. I’d figure out some way to do something interesting with them.

Then one day, I somehow happened upon this blog post about making a keepsake book from cards received after a baby was born. This was it! A super easy way to make our wedding cards into a book that could be flipped through and displayed.

 DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Book //

I bought large binder rings and a hole punch from Office Max (note: I do NOT recommend the Office Max brand hand hold punch – it was hard to use and broke. Buy the one at Michael’s instead) and got to work one weekend.

Before I started I laid out all of our cards in 3 similar sized piles: oversized, ‘normal’, and small/unusual. This let me see what the smallest common denominator was and I planned my hole punches accordingly (4 inches apart). I then separated each pile into 2 separate groups and combined so I had 2 evenly sized stacks of cards to make 2 books.

DIY Wedding Card Keepsake Book //

Punch punch punch and then hook your cards on the binder rings. And you’re done! I used a copy of our rehearsal dinner invitation as the front of this one and a copy of our Save the Date for the second. These are now displayed on our bookshelf with a couple of other wedding mementos. It was fun to re-read the messages when making these books and I know they’ll be fun to flip through throughout the months and years to come to remind us of the fun day we enjoyed together, with our family and friends.

For more inspiration before making your own book, check out these posts:

They offer some interesting variations and embellishment ideas for a DIY Wedding Card Book.


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