Travel: Eating Healthy (or: Doing The Things We All Know We *Should* Do)

Holla from Boston!

I’ve been in Boston for work since Wednesday and am heading back home tonight. Even with short trips, it can be hard to eat healthy while traveling. I’m the first person to say ‘Hell yeah!’ to french fries with dinner or indulging in local cuisine – especially on business trips. Eating out is social and for me, eating out is kind of ‘special’ so it’s okay to eat the ‘special’ foods. The ‘top of the pyramid. foods. The ‘tastes good, feels bad’ foods. But not this time.

After a few months of feeling ‘off’ (ah, elusive reference. For another post), I’m really giving this clean/paleo/gluten-free eating thing a fair shot. I’m not being strict but I’m making the better, healthier choice when it comes to what I’m eating. Garbage in, garbage out.

It’s hard to eat healthy when traveling anywhere – you’re out of your normal routine, away from your normal foods. It’s convenient to grab fast food or to chug a soda when you’re feeling tired (and who isn’t tired on a business trip?!). But it is possible to travel and maintain healthy habits. There are SO many books/posts/tips for this and I think we all *know* what to do. Smarter choices, get good sleep, exercise. It’s just a matter of committing to do it.

And this trip, I am. I bought some Kind bars with me for a quick, gluten-free snack. I chose a burger (no cheese) on a gluten free bun and steamed broccoli on the side. I ordered a giant veggie omelette and bacon. I enjoyed a salad with fajita veggies and steak from Chipotle. I savored Cajun grilled shrimp and broccoli. I carried a bottle of water with me, constantly refilling it.

I came into this trip committed to eating in a way that makes me feel good. Eating fries makes me happy at dinner but does not make me or my tummy happy after dinner right now. With the choices I’ve made the past few days – especially drinking extra water – I feel much better than I usually do while traveling.

Part of me feels like an old lady for choosing feeling good over indulging in greasy fries (have I mentioned I love french fries? With buffalo sauce? Okay, I thought so). And the I realized: it’s not the food choices that are making me an old lady… it’s the hanging my clothes in the closet.

hanging clothes //

Welcome to being an adult, lgsmash.


Travel: Eating Healthy (or: Doing The Things We All Know We *Should* Do) — 5 Comments

  1. Good for you for making the conscious effort (it’s a conscious effort, for sure) to eat healthy on the road. That is not easy! I give you mad props.

  2. hahah the clothes! i am in the opposite end, giving up the shirt and tie job for the one with a t-shirt as the only uniform! great post and insight. being on the road like i do, with a production crew, we face the same kinds of things. lack of availability of decent food options on the fly. gas stations, bar/event food, or kinda mediocre local restaurants. ive been able to get by because of clif bars, and jumping on a good thing when it comes by (like a dope vegan restaurant in san francisco… enormous green salad!!! so good!! $7!!!). i hear the band members talking about it a lot, but i rarely see much dedicated effort on most of their parts!

    but being on the road always makes food decisions and planning top of mind, all the time.

    good luck w the GF and paleo digs!


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