Fitness: Zooma Half Marathon Training…Fail

Next Saturday, January 19th, I’ll be in Florida running the Zooma Women’s Half Marathon. I am SUPER excited about this trip because my friend Kristen and I will be staying and running with one of my best friends, Sarah!!

Unfortunately, I’m not super excited about the running part of the weekend. Well, I am very excited about the race – Zooma is going to put on a very fun race weekend for us gals – but I’m not excited about me actually running it.

I fell off my training schedule just about 1 month ago. Until I went to Japan, training was going GREAT! I was on track and running fast (for me). I ambitiously thought I could come back from Japan and pick up right where I left off.

Zooma Training Run

Speedy 7! Last long run before I stopped training

But I did not pick up training where I left it. Instead, I recovered from jet lag, celebrated Christmas, enjoyed New Years and now, here we are. Many days later and many days with lackluster and almost non-existent training. I meant to get moving but I didn’t make the time and chose everything else over a workout and now I’m kicking myself. Every day I didn’t run or exercise just added to the deficit.On Saturday, I went to my gym to run a few miles on the treadmill and see how much endurance/strength I lost. Instead of running 3 straight miles, I decided to spice it up.

1 mile treadmill intervals //

 * denotes that I used a 10 lb weight

Isn’t it more fun to look at a chart than to read all that in a paragraph? I thought so too.

I’m no personal trainer but I do know that cardio intervals are a far more effective workout than just straight running. And, let’s be honest, running 30 minutes on a motorize, rotating rubber mat can be kind of boring. So breaking up the miles with some body weight exercises made it a bit more entertaining.

On Sunday, I ran a 5k around one of my favorite parks in Denver, Washington Park. All I can say is: ‘It went’. Didn’t feel awesome but I did it.

Seeing as how the race is in 13 days, I am going in with no expectation of doing well. I’m going to enjoy the weekend and the race with my friends and I’m not going to let myself feel bad about sucking, like I did at Denver Rock N Roll.

And after this race, I think I will be retiring from signing up for half marathons for a while. I love the distance but right now, there are too many other things I want to do besides train for a long race. And that’s okay!


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  1. I’m glad you are approaching it with the mind set of “having fun.” Sometimes those are the best race experiences because we are not concentrating on a goal or stressing out about hitting out splits. Just go out, have fun and enjoy the race atmosphere.

  2. So…just curious, do you just stay on the treadmill but stop it to do the moves in between miles? I could do something like this on my treadmill at home but I would feel funny abandoning my treadmill at the gym, or like I needed to clean it in case someone wanted it before I came back…

    • I hopped off the treadmill and did my moves to the side and behind the treadmill (I secured a ‘mill on the end) – I just left my water bottle and long sleeve t on it while I did sit ups next to it.. Fortunately, our gym is pretty small so there isn’t a lot of competition – might not work as well in a crowded gym (or peak gym time)!

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