One Little Word for 2013: CREATE

Last year, I read about the One Little Word idea and latched on to Perspective as my word for 2012. I’ve seen this idea really take off this year and many people are picking one word or a few words to define what they want from this new year. Picking your word(s), one intention, one mantra for the year is a great way to stay focused throughout the whole year. Unlike a resolution that we tend to let go after a few months, we can hold the words tight and they help us to achieve specific moments all year long.

Last year was a year of big change for me and ‘perspective‘ helped me remember to keep my wits about me. That 6 weeks on crutches is 46 weeks OFF crutches (88% of the year!). That a slow run is still a run that I couldn’t do months earlier. That our wedding was one day and it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. That not going home to be with our families for the holidays meant we got to start our own traditions as a new, little family.

2013 will not be a year of great change (thankfully!). Alex and I have settled into our post-wedding life nicely (so wonderful!) and without facing big (and expensive!) events this upcoming year, we are free to explore our hobbies and interests again. The word that stuck to my heart for this year is: CREATE.

From creating physical objects (art, projects, dinners) to creating feelings (happiness, excitement, peace) to creating moments (magical, special, celebratory), this word is already touching aspects of my life I didn’t expect. I know it’s only January 2nd but since this word claimed me a few weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about CREATE. It’s keeping me in a proactive, inspired frame of mind.

So here’s to 2013 and all the fun creating to come!


One Little Word for 2013: CREATE — 6 Comments

  1. I love your choice of word Lynn. Create is so powerful and I love all the different ways that you can apply it. For me, my word for 2013 is intention – really working on connecting my head and my heart, if that makes sense. Happy Happy New Year!

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