Fitness: Rock N Roll Denver Recap (Spoiler: I Sucked!)

Dear body,

I’m really sorry about what I put you through on Saturday morning. I know we were not ready to run 13.1 miles – at ALL – but I appreciate you (mostly) sticking it out for me. I know you’re still pissed at me which is why I am still sick, 2 days later, and I respect that. I promise next time, we’ll TRAIN and get on the same page. 



Full recap below.

The half marathon on Saturday was not easy and not very much fun for me. I expected it going into the race but I didn’t expect to be as discouraged as I was.


I was able to find my friend Kristen (who ran her first full marathon Saturday!) and her running partner, Martha and started in corral 9 with them. We started together but they ran a few paces faster than me – fine by me! I stayed near but behind them for the first 4ish miles.

By mile 4.5, I was feeling awful – a strange hip flexor pain and IT band had been paining my knee since mile 3 and the uphill at 4.5 was miserable.

I ran to mile 5, where I saw Alex and talked with him for a few minutes – he encouraged me to get my butt moving while I was trying hard not to ask him where he parked so he could drive me home.

I started off again, run/walking through City Park for the next 2 miles. I saw Alex again at mile 7.5 and I almost cried. I was feeling terrible – mentally and physically – and I knew I still had 5+ more miles to go. UGH. He reminded me that I’m more than halfway finished and told me where I would see him next.

I ran (VERY slowly) miles 8 and ran/walked 9. I saw Alex 2x again before mile 10.5. I walked almost exclusively mile 10.5 until 12. My hip and knee were screaming at me and I kept stopping to stretch my hip.

I saw the sign for mile 12 and knew it was a straight shot down 13th and up Sherman to the finish. I mentally committed to running – no matter how slow – mile 12 through the finish. When I was coming up Sherman and saw the Mile 26 sign for the marathoners (knowing there’s only .2 left till I finish!) and all of the supporters, cheering on the sides of the street, I felt so emotional and teary – even though I was completely unprepared, I did finish run/walking 13.1 freaking miles. A post-surgery PDR.

I found Alex after the finish and after eating a few post-race snacks, we walked a few blocks back to the car. Alex stopped at the store to buy 2 bags of ice so I could sit in an ice bath when we got home – my muscles, hip and knee were not feeling great at all. Not injury bad, just super sore and overworked.

I do think the race and expo were very well run – I was able to grab my bib on Thursday at lunch and be out in 15 minutes. The race itself had a lot of support and fun signs and cheering; plenty of water stations and fuel, too. No complaints about race execution or organization from me!

This race (well, I certainly didn’t race – I just tried to survive) was the first time I’ve ever run a race solo – usually I sign up for races with a friend and we train and run together. This time, I didn’t do that. I’m glad I didn’t bring anyone else down with me on Saturday morning but I know if I’d signed up with a friend from the beginning, I would have been more committed to training properly.

This race was also the first time I’ve ever had a course supporter. I was able to see Alex 4 times during my race and I know I wouldn’t have been able to finish this race without him. That’s not an exaggeration. I wanted to quit SO many times on Saturday. Seeing him smiling and cheering for me was so instrumental in keeping my poor spirits up.

It was really hard for me to enjoy this race. I know it’s my own fault but that didn’t make it any less disappointing. I know what my body is capable of when I am actually in half marathon shape and I didn’t put in the time or miles for this one.

But the silver lining? My knees – where I had surgery and have a donor cartilage graft – feel amazing. I did not have any pain during the run and have not had any post-run pain.

Silver lining #2? I’m motivated to really train and get myself on track to be able to run a competent half marathon again soon. This time, no weddings, no honeymoons, no nothin’ to get in my way.

Post-surgery half marathon done. The only way to go from here is UP!


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  1. Gah, wish I was there to suffer with you…kind of, but not really. Ha. I totally slept in and it was amazing. Sorry, just had to throw that out there!

    You now know that your knees are capable of the distance, you just need to get the rest of your body on track. And great job on fighting through…you earned that medal! :)

  2. This may sound a bit cheeseball, but congrats! Proud of you for seeing it through and using it as positive motivation. Foam roll those IT bands and you’ll be all good! :)

  3. You ran faster than my first half marathon for which I “trained” for 3 months. Well done lgsmash. I think for running long distances you need to be just as much mentally tough as physically strong and I respect you for finishing

  4. Way to go Lynne! I knew you’d get through it! I agree with Heidi, now it’s just time to get the rest of your body on track. You two should run a half together, and I’ll come spectate with Alex! Deal? :) Good work girl!

  5. I’m so proud of you for finishing! You know that I haven’t been training for mine much either, but I guess I’m lucky to have a few more weeks and be racing at sea level. Way to go, girly. I’m wanting to do a Spring half next year. Lemme know if you want in! We’ll actually train!

  6. you didn’t suck, YOU FINISHED! congrats on the post surgery PDR, that is awesome! i know you are a little disappointed, but think of it as a learning experience. be PROUD of what you accomplished. remember — if it were easy, everyone would do it!

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