Fitness: Adult Swim Lessons

I made it back to the pool yesterday after a weekend hiatus to spend time with fabulous ladies at Blend. I expected the swim to be a bit rough after 3+ days off (I’m not great at swimming) but it wasn’t too bad.

I’m following this 0 to 1650 plan to build up my endurance to swim 1 mile for the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge. Technically, I should be on Week 2 but I’m going to be out of town this week with likely no access to a lap pool so I am going to keep Week 1 as my workout for this week, too.

Last night’s workout:

  • Warm up: 100m kick
  • 4 x 100 (12 breaths rest)
  • 4 x 50 / 4 x 50 kick (alternating)
  • 4 x 25 (4 breaths rest)

I can feel myself getting a bit stronger but I’m not really getting any better at swimming. I don’t have the proper form and once I start to get tired, I really struggle with maintaining any sort of pace or breath.

So while I was checking in at the YMCA, I asked about adult swim lessons! I felt silly asking – doesn’t everyone already know how to swim? I mean, swim lessons are for little kids, right?

Nope! The YMCA offers a few different options of swim classes (group, one-on-one, masters swim) that I’m looking in to. I want to improve my form and technique. When I watch other people swim, they splash a LOT less than I do and don’t look like they feel like they’re dying, like I do.

The coolest part about asking about swim lessons: In the locker room after I changed into my swim suit, a very nice older woman approached me and asked if I was the one who’d inquired about swim lessons. She had been checking in as I was speaking with the YMCA staff. She told me she’s always wanted to learn to swim but always thought she was too old. But after hearing me ask, I inspired her to get the swim lesson information and she plans to sign up for the summer group lessons. Too cool! If that’s not FitFluential, I don’t know what is.

After getting home, I broke into some Blend treats.

Homemade Birthday Cake Fudge from Colorado Fudge Maker

O.M.G. I don’t have a sweet tooth but this was the BOMB. It tasted just like confetti cake!

I also enjoyed my Ginger Cherry juice from CheriBundi. I tried a sample of the Ginger Cherry this weekend after Tiffany and Lena raved about it and I am on board. It’s less tart than normal cherry juice but still packs a nice punch.

One thing I look for when I buy juice is that it’s 100% juice. I’m not down with the watered down or processed stuff. If I’m going to drink juice, I want to drink JUICE! I choose pure fruit juice.

CheriBundi has 5 flavors in total – I foolishly didn’t try any of the others while I was at Blend but I’m keeping my eyes open when I’m at the store! Cacao Cherry is too intriguing!

Today, I’m off to Lake Ozark, MO for work for the week. A short plane flight + 3 hour drive to the lake = a LONG travel day. Good thing I packed some snacks!


Fitness: Adult Swim Lessons — 15 Comments

  1. I may have already said this because I tend to go on and on and on at any opportunity about it, but I took swim lessons at the rec center in the Fall of October and I loved it! And it gave me the nudge/confidence to start doing triathlons. Which is now why I’m broke and have no free time…hmmm.

    • In the Fall of October? Fall of 2010, I meant.

      They were also insanely cheap. I imagine the Y is reasonable as well, but I think it literally worked out to like $4 a lesson.

      • Holy cow! That is amazing – $4 a lesson!! The Y is definitely reasonable – I’m not a member so it’s a bit more expensive than if I was a member but not too bad. And worth the money to figure out how to swim! And congrats to you for learning to swim and mastering it!!

  2. So excited you asked about swim lessons!!! I would highly recommend starting with 1:1 lessons to get your form down, then masters is an amazing way to keep going once you feel more comfortable and are able to swim a little farther (the group probably has a distance they recommend before joining them). I love swimming with a group, but hate the early morning hour that my groups meet. :)

    • Thanks Heather! Ithink 1:1 is how I want to start too – I have sooo many questions to ask that a group might get frustrated with me :) And thanks for the tip about the Masters program – I’ll wait to look into that until I know what I’m doing better :)

  3. woohoo Team Ginger! That sounds kind of funny… I’m sure you look better swimming than I do. I have NO FORM. No clue how I passed the swim portion of gym class in high school.

  4. Good for you taking swim lessons. I’m a firm believer that knowing how to swim properly is a life skill. This is probably because I’m a former lifeguard and swim instructor. I also think running a mile is a life skill. I couldn’t do that if you paid me. Safe travels!!

  5. I have taken adult swim lessons several times now, and always found them very helpful. Swimming is so much technique that for those of us who didn’t grow up on the swim team, lessons can be so helpful. Good luck with your 0-1650 plan!

  6. I love that you inspired the older lady to take swim lessons. What an unexpected blessing you were in her life today! I’ve never actually swam FOR EXERCISE, only playing around in the pool. Maybe once Babycakes starts learning and wanting to go, I will too. I’m intrigued by your cherry ginger juice. I didn’t pick up any samples @Blend though… silly me!!

  7. I’ve got my speedo swim suit ready to go if I can tag along one day. Swimming is the hardest work out ever…seriously. I use to do bootcamps, TRX, running, etc and my ass was WHOOPED after swimming a few laps.

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