Fitness: Overdoing It & Playing It Safe

Last week, my knee and body was feeling SO GOOD! Last week, I ran 2.6 miles on Sunday, 2 miles on Tuesday evening. Because I was feeling so great, I got up early on Thursday Morning in Kansas City to run 2 more miles.

Not the right choice.

My body was tired and I listened. I stopped the treadmill after 1 mile stretched out and got ready for the day. But my  left knee (surgery #2, December) was feeling really sore. Yikes! I pushed too hard, too soon.

Well, today is Wednesday and my knee is still sore – not like it was last Thursday but still sore! A clear sign I over-did it. Too much, too fast. Very stupid!

I know should have followed a plan (Couch to 5k) and graduated myself back into running. But until about a month ago, I didn’t feel safe running. Once I did run with no pain, it was just too tempting to see how far I could go – especially when I was feeling so great! I was completely bull-headed about it and just took off. My body isn’t ready, my left knee isn’t ready. This is something I need to EASE back into and build time and distance slowly. This was the wake-up call I needed to chill out on the running for now.

Unfortunately, way back while I was on crutches, I signed up for a race as motivation, a goal. I signed up for the 5 Mile Cherry Creek Sneak  run on Sunday. (This is why I was trying to run 2 miles for a 3rd time) This was a lofty and unrealistic goal from the beginning but I thought that I may have been able to do it. That with my new knees, I’d be invincible, right?! Wrong. it turns out I’m still human, even with bionic knees.

So in light of the new knee still feeling sore, I’m going to play it safe (and smart!) this weekend and drop from the 5 mile run to the 5k run. I will also certainly not be running the 5k – I will be walking 3.1 miles to my beer at the finish line.

However, I’m still on the fence about actually walking the 5k. On longer walks with the dog, my knee is feeling sore by the time we come home – and I’m not walking 3.1 miles with the dog. So I plan to reevaluate on Friday or Saturday about how my knee feels and if it’s a good idea for me to participate.

A 5k (or any race) isn’t worth risking the health of my knees and the new cartilage that’s trying to grow. If I forego the Cherry Creek Sneak race registration I paid, oh well. Better to have ‘lost’ those $30 than to go through another expensive ($$$) surgery and 6 more weeks of crutches.


Fitness: Overdoing It & Playing It Safe — 8 Comments

  1. Been there. Done that. Give the knee a rest for awhile. Then start back with 1-minute jog/5-minute walk X 5, every other day, on soft level surfaces. If no pain, then lengthen jog and shorten walk. Increase slowly. It should take you two months to build up to the 2-3 mile runs you had been doing. Best of luck.

  2. if i keep getting radiating and nonstop pain I might join you. :( We just gotta take it a day at a time…at least we get to party together after!!! :) Cheer up, you are doing amazing with your recovery!

  3. I’m sorry that your knee is feeling sore but so very glad that you are listening to your body and giving it some rest. You are absolutely right in that a $30 registration fee is not worth risking you health and all the hard work you’ve put in to recovering thus far. I think that’s my biggest fear – that I will be so excited when I’m cleared to run again that I will overdo it. So when I get to that point in my recovery, will you remind me? Pretty please? :-)

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