Fitness: Stay Fit Kit at Hilton Garden Inn

When I got in to Kansas City later Tuesday evening, the only thing on my mind was dinner. I’m staying at a Hilton Garden Inn for the first time in a very long time. The hotel isn’t nearby any restaurants so my only option was delivery. Good for me – pizza was on my mind!

While I waited my pizza to arrive, I hit up the hotel fitness center.

Pretty standard – 2 treadmills, 1 bike, 1 elliptical. Not standard? Free weights!

I ran 2 miles on the treadmill – no knee pain! – and on my way out of the fitness center, a little sign above the towels caught my eye.

Hilton Garden Inn’s Stay Fit Kit! I remember hearing about these when Hilton first introduced them but this is my first time at a Hilton that carries them. (Maybe they’re only at HGI brand?) I walked over to the front desk to ask for one to use during my stay.

The Stay Fit Kit comes in an easy-to-carry mesh bag and is stuff with fitness goodies.

And not just ANY fitness equipment, Gaiam fitness equipment!

I took advantage of the Stay Fit Kit on Wednesday morning and did some abs and arms before a long day of conference sessions. Two items I’d love to add to the Stay Fit Kit is a yoga mat and sanitation wipes. I like the weighted ball but it’s a bit grimy on the handles. And I really don’t like the idea of laying on a hotel floor to do situps or plank so I used a bath towel.

I’m about 2 feet longer than a bath towel. A yoga mat would have been ideal!

This morning, I got up early and hit the treadmill again. I’ve been feeling really comfortable running 2-2.5 miles so today, I wanted to push myself to 3 miles. But, my knees and body weren’t ready. Running 2+ miles Sunday and Tuesday proved to be too much too soon. I quit at 1.5 miles this morning.

Knowing about these Stay Fit Kit definitely puts the Hilton Garden Inn hotels high up on my prefered hotels from now on. I like to keep active when I travel for business – usually days are long and full of big dinners – and a quick workout keeps me feeling alert.


Fitness: Stay Fit Kit at Hilton Garden Inn — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome! I’ve never heard of the fit kits, but love the idea! I’ll definitely have to look for one the next time I stay at a Hilton.
    I pretty much always scope out the fitness center online before I book a hotel reservation. I’ve definitely chosen a hotel based on its gym, many times. Well, not in Colorado though- no need for a gym there! :)

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