Fun: Making Monday More Fun

I know a lot of people really dislike Mondays but I don’t mind them too much. Yes, I’d still love to sleep in on Monday but, really, I’d love to sleep in any day of the week. I’d love an extra weekend day to play but I still pack fun into my weekdays too. However, like everyone, I love it when Monday comes with a few extra perks.

Monday is more fun with new clothes.

This past weekend, one of my favorite retailer, The Limited, had an incredible sale – 40% off EVERYTHING, including mark downs! I shopped yesterday and came away with 4 basic t-shirts that my wardrobe has been seriously needing (gray, black, white, peach), 2 necklaces and 1 set of 4 pink bangles.

Today, my outfit is brought to you by The Limited.

This shirt and necklace are new. The pants and jacket are not – I used to work at The Limited part-time in my early days of living in Denver and spent much more on clothes than any paycheck I made there.

This is my ‘Please stop coughing, Lynne!‘ face. I’m still coughing, still sick.

Another fun accessory I’m wearing today is a bracelet I was given for my birthday.

This bracelet comes from a very cool store in Denver called Revampt – everything in Revampt used to be something else. Do you recognize that design? It’s a repurposed Arizona Tea Can!

 Monday is more fun with FREE POPCHIPS [GIVEAWAY!]

Last week, a beautiful box of popchips was delivered to me.

Popchips is a sponsor of the upcoming Blend Retreat that I’m attending, the Denver sales rep contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in trying some new popchip flavors. Since I’ve been focusing on cleaning up my eating (during the week), I was apprehensive at first – chips? We stopped buying chips months ago (except for special occasions).

I looked into the ingredients and nutrition of popchips and was very surprised at what I found! Check out Original:

Excellent! 6 ingredients!  A non-fried, non-baked chip! Popchips applies heat and pressure to a potato slice until it *pops*. They’re super tasty and a million times* healthier than traditional potato chips. (*lgsmash qualification – not official stat)

Alex and I have been trying the flavors over the past few days. I’m REALLY digging the Chili Lime flavor and Alex has been enjoying Parmesan Garlic. I think my *favorite* part of these individual sized bags is that each is only 100 calories – and unlike other 100 calorie snack packs, this actually feels like you ate something. Mindless healthy munching, FTW.

SO! Here’s where Monday gets fun for YOU. Popchips wants one of you to enjoy 30 popin’ days of chips too!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Leave me a comment telling me how you’re making Monday fun or your favorite flavor of chips. (My all-time favorite is Sea Salt and Vinegar)
  2. Tweet about the giveaway on twitter and leave me a separate comment letting me know! To make it brainless: ‘I want to win 30 days of @popchips from @lgsmash!’

That’s it! 2 comments, 2 entries for 30 days of chips. Giveaway will run until Friday, March 30 at 11:59p.m. Winner will be chosen on Saturday, March 31 using

**Disclosure: Popchips sent me these yummy treats and are hooking me up with this giveaway. All opinions are always my own.

Monday is more fun when you register for the Blend Retreat!

Like I mentioned above, I’m registered for the Blend Retreat in 1 short month, May 4-6, held in nearby Boulder!

This retreat is for bloggers, readers and friends to become ‘blends’ (blog + friend = blend). It’s a weekend to hang out, get active and make new friends.

So many of my favorite bloggers are registered already and I can’t wait to meet everyone ‘in real life’. Check out the list of who’s coming!

If you’re a blogger or reader who wants to come but hasn’t registered, it’s not too late! Tickets are still available and only $75 until April 1. After 4/1, tickets increase to $100. We’d love to see you there!

How are you making Monday more fun?


Fun: Making Monday More Fun — 27 Comments

  1. and also – for that second entry – my favorite is the sea salt and vinegar too! obviously the best flavor ever.

    i wish i could go to blend! i am so close (colorado springs) but my current financial and travel situation won’t allow for it. maybe next time… :)

  2. Such a cute outfit and I love a good sale. I wish I liked to shop. I like clothes that fit but don’t like taking the time to figure out which clothes those are. Pop chips are so good. I like the BBQ flavor. Have fun with blend. I wish I was in the area to support you!

  3. I took the day off and went to the beach so that definitely made my Monday more fun! Love Popchips and hope to try the Sweet Potato flavor! Thanks so much.

  4. I am making Monday more fun by going to the dentist for a 2 hour crown prep appointment….oh wait, no, that wasn’t really making Monday more fun. This wasn’t my best Monday so I better settle for saying my favorite flavor of Pop chips. For me, it’s a tie between BBQ and Sour Cream and Onion and depends on my mood. I love pop chips!!

  5. And since I’m now a contributing member of the twitter society I just up-ed my chances and tweeted your link. Crossing my fingers to be the lucky winner of 30 days of yummy pop chips and branching out to new flavors.

  6. I love sea salt + vinegar too and am dying to try the sweet potato pop chips (but can’t find them). But, my favorite all-time chip flavor is made by a different Colorado based company called Boulder Canyon. The balsamic and rosemary chips are to die for…

    And the Limited is one of my favorite stores, too! Limited, Loft, Gap and Banana Republic are pretty much the only stores I like (and I’m generally a clearance rack shopper). Oh, and Target. :)

  7. I absolutely love that outfit on you! Those colors really look great! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    (i’d enter your giveaway, but once i start with pop chips, i just can’t stop!)

  8. I LOVE POPCHIPS. Haaa. Can I choose every flavor? I guess the sour cream and onion ones are my go-to for these. I don’t have twitter so I’m pretending to tweet about it also!

  9. Mondays! almost my favorite day of the week! usually on mondays I get the work week off to a start, then get home and start my week of cooking off with a bang! usually something large volume, like a pasta sauce or 5lbs of pizza dough or a stew. and chips? i like em all! except sour cream stuff. do they have salt&pepper flavor? i would die!

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