Crutches Aren't All Bad

When people see me on crutches, whether I know them or not, they look at me with pity and remark how terrible it must be to be on crutches. Generally, I agree – crutches are not the first accessory I’d choose with my outfit – but in the 7+ weeks I’ve been on crutches this year, it hasn’t been all bad.

In fact, there have been some definite perks of crutches.

Driving the Grocery Cart: As ridiculous as I feel driving one of these through the store, it’s still fun to slowly motor through the store. Without these motor carts, though, there’s no way I’d make it through a shopping trip.

People holding doors/carrying things for me: I’m a fiercely independent woman (sing it, Beyonce!) and for the first few weeks of surgery #1, I insisted on doing as much as I could for myself – carry my own water bottle, struggle through heavy doors. I quickly learned to take people up on their offers to help. As my arms and legs get tired, I really appreciate the courtesy extended to me.

Turning lights off/closing doors from a few feet away: Enough said.

Fiance making/bringing me/cleaning up after dinner: Major perk. I’m really enjoying the catered service while it lasts.

Surefire Conversation Starter: I’m a very social person and enjoy chatting with people – friends and strangers alike. Crutches and a knee brace always get a good conversation going and it seems that everyone has knee issues!

Crutch Buddies: If I have to use crutches (and I do), my leopard print Crutch Buddies have been a fun way to show some personality and help pad my arms and hands. And the pocket is SO useful!

I don’t mean to say that it’s all roses on crutches because it’s definitely not. Looking at it from a new perspective makes using them easier to tolerate for the next 5 weeks (1 week down already!)

But while we’re on the topic, I share a couple of my most loathed aspects of crutches.

Crutch Rub: This was an majoryly painful issue for the first few weeks of my first surgery in October (see here) before I started using Crutch Buddies. After being out and about for a while or crutching a long distance, relatively speaking, my underarms are burning with Crutch Rub. It’s far more tolerable with the leopard print padding but still hurts!

Bathrooms: Getting in or out of them, using them, everything. Hard to get into, many are small, water on floor. I HATE bathrooms on crutches. And crutches + bathrooms + That Time Of The Month = really not awesome.

Hot and Bothered: Crutches in the winter makes me a hot mess. Literally. By the time I get my clothes changed, I’m feeling pretty toast. Then, I put on a winter coat on in my warm apartment building. THEN, I crutch across the parking lot and am officially sweating. A lot. Fortunately, the past few days in Denver have been unseasonably warm so I’ve been able to ditch the winter coat and feel a lot more comfortable and less sweaty.

It goes without saying that the obvious can’t-carry-things/hard-to-get-around/tired-arms reasons apply here too. But at this point, that inconvenience is just part of the package and not worth getting pissed about anymore.

And generally, besides the few issues above, it’s not THAT bad. I mean, did you see all the great things that happen with crutches?

Perspective, folks.


Crutches Aren't All Bad — 5 Comments

  1. This is great, I love that your making the best of crutches, I know when I had them instead of using them I left them in the trunk of my car for atleast a few months lol, btw I’m so excited to send your foodie goodies almost done with it yayy!

  2. I love you, angel. You are a trouper and I am glad you and Alex are together on your journey. Love to you both on this beautiful winter day that feels more like spring.
    p.s. I will get right on it when you send me the wedding guest list in which you would like me to verify addresses, sweetheart. I am filled with joy, as I was for Sam and Sara before their wedding. It is a celebration of God’s gift to both of you. Great days gone, now, and ahead!

  3. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog- I have to read through yours a bit and catch up, but the post about the crutches was funny! Sounds like you are a pretty tough chick and it’s nice to be able to laugh at yourself!
    I am DYING to move to Colorado- our number one choice is Louisville, but anywhere outside of Denver or Boulder is fine with me! Everything just has to line up juuuuuust right to make it happen.
    And congrats on your upcoming wedding! I got married last July- and we were engaged in Colorado! My hubby surprised me when we were biking from Vail to Breckenridge and stopped to kayak in Frisco.
    Enjoy the planning process!

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