A Whole Lotta Updates

I’ve got a lot to check in on – so let’s get right to it:


Thanks for all of your tips on wedding colors! I think we’re leaning towards a shade of coral (more orange than red) as the ‘main’ color; as much as I love Christmas, I’m not too keen on our August wedding looking like Santa’s workshop. I don’t really think I want the bridesmaids dresses to be a strong color – probably something neutral with a pop of color somewhere.



Knee is progressing. After a week+ of walking with a limp, I sucked it up and figure out how to walk without a limp again. It takes me a second to get going once I stand up but I’ve stopped getting asked about my early season snowboarding accident. For the record, I never want to hurt my knee while skiing or snowboarding. The vision I have of what that would look like is horrifying.

Denver got snowed on yesterday and we’re supposed to get more tomorrow – I am not a fan of walking on the ice right now. If I were still on crutches, I could pull the crutch card and opt to work from home but now that I’m mostly able bodied, I’m sucking it up. My knee is still really wobbly so this means a lot of baby steps and holding onto railings.

I’ve been taking advantage of my walking privilege as much as possible, while I can. I have just over 3 weeks until my next surgery, on my left knee. 3 short weeks. In that time, I’ve been hitting up yoga classes, riding my bike (before winter arrived), parking far away and walking as much as possible.

Hydration Challenge

This is going…okay. Not great but I am consciously thinking of drinking water more often. I am drinking a glass of water in the mornings, before dinner and before bed. In between, I try to get up during the workday to refill my water bottle and try NOT to ignore the hourly reminders to take a drink of water.

I’m really loving these Crystal Light Pure packets, too. I was unsure of them at first but they’ve really grown on me. I dilute them more than the package recommends but I like an even lighter flavor.

Packages, Boxes & Samples, OH MY!

In addition to Denver gifting us with a lot of snow yesterday, our apartment was gifted with a whole slew of exciting packages.

First up, our enormous new TV! Alex and I took advantage of the Black Friday deals and upgraded from this

(Sony 36′ fat and heavy TV – Love Actually included for size)


(Dynex 55′ HDTV flat screen). I should have put the Love Actually next to this TV for size! Our little tree is 4.5 feet, if that’s any gage.

In short, it ROCKS. We don’t have HDTV yet but already, the different in quality is unbelievable.

I also got 2 very fun packages for me!

My Dolce Gusto machine (from the Foodie Feedup)

I can’t wait to try the Chococino this weekend!

Surprise #2 was from my favorite yogurt company, Chobani! Last month, they did a Twitter contest for Movember and asked to see your mustache. I sent this:

And they sent this!

If you tweet and love greek yogurt, you really should follow @Chobani. They’re fun, interactive and always giving great yogurt recipe tips! And who knows, you may even win some free yogurts or coupons!


Whew! I think we’re all caught up now.

I’m looking forward to a fun Friday evening of shoe shopping and wine tasting (Denver post coming tomorrow!) and a low key weekend. What on tap for you?


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