On The 4th Week, She Biked!

Yesterday was a great day in LGSMASHland.

First, I got my (not-so) patiently awaited approval to ride a bike and get into the pool for aqua fitness. I did a big happy dance – well, as big as you can dance on one leg and crutches – and packed my gym bag for the first time in a long time.

After work, I made my way to the gym, changed my clothes and found a stationary bike to ride. Instead of the upright bike, I opted for the bike that is more horizontal so I wouldn’t be pulling the pedal up and possibly stressing my cartilage graft.

I pedaled very, very slowly. So slowly that the bike didn’t even turn on! Going into the gym, I didn’t expect to sweat – this is more about getting comfortable with movement again and starting to slowly regain muscle.

Because it’s been more than 1 month since I’ve been able to wear work out clothes and I was feeling self-conscious about crutching with a brace through my gym, I brought a couple of choices of clothes to wear: a workout tank and a tshirt. I was apprehensive about wearing a ‘real’ workout tank because it’s very obvious that I’m not at the gym for a hard workout that requires a tank top. Ultimately, I decided to wear the tank, my favorite, in the gym. People are already looking at me so why shouldn’t I feel confident and celebrate the fact that I’m getting myself back?

Athleta tank won.  

Right knee felt/feels so great! Left knee is feeling pretty agitated today – maybe biking, maybe too much hopping yesterday. Not sure but I’m taking it easy on my left knee today.


We broke our ‘only eat out on Friday’ rule to celebrate our friend’s birthday. You may remember this friend from May – he recently returned from his deployment and is living within driving distance of Denver so he’s staying with us for the weekend.

Of course, we took him to one of my favorite burger places in Denver, The Cherry Cricket. For as many times as I’ve been, I’ve always stuck to ‘safe’ burgers – toppings I know and love – even though the restaurant is known for the crazy variety of toppings available. If you want it, they’ll put it on a burger for you.

Last night I finally got up the guts to order outside of my box… I got a burger with peanut butter, egg over easy, jalapeno and bacon.

It was really tasty! I was especially apprehensive about the peanut butter but too many people have told me how great it actually is on a burger to be wrong. And they weren’t!

The peanut butter was really creamy and melty from the warm burger, the runny egg acted like a condiment, almost – who needs ketchup or mustard when you’ve got wet egg yolk? – fresh jalapeno offered a nice kick and the bacon brought it all together with a salty crunch.

This definitely won’t be my new standard burger – still prefer bleu cheese to peanut butter – but I will probably get it again. And thanks to the PB burger, I’m more open to trying other ‘crazy’ toppings.

 And to round out the great night with a great morning, a friend in Cincinnati (hi Sam!) showed me this site this morning: Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than A Puppy.

Melding together the two sites I loved yesterday to create one EPIC website, Is Ryan Gosling Cuter Than a Puppy asks the really hard questions.

Who’s cuter?! I can’t decide! I’d take both pups and Ryan Gosling if they happened to show up in Denver and I had to choose.


On The 4th Week, She Biked! — 5 Comments

  1. ah! i got a shout out! so cool. hi lynne! that burger looks amazing. never though about egg as a condiment like that. it makes sense! i wonder if they have something like that at terry’s turf club here in cincy…

  2. PB + burger…gotta try that! sounds really good actually…

    so happy youre starting to get back to the gym and movement. and glad you went w/ the tank…get it girl. if it makes ya feel better, rock it out.

    ryan gossling; gotta take him over any animal. yum.

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