The Monster Mash (Up) by Yelp Denver

Happy Halloween! In honor of the holiday (and the fact that Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away), I want to share my favorite pumpkin photo with y’all:

Now you’ll never look at pumpkin pies the same again. For more entertaining pumpkin photos, check out The Boring Runner’s post. So good!

Last week, I went to a pre-Halloween party, The Monster Mashup organized by Yelp Denver. Like the one other Yelp event I’ve been to, it ruled.

I weazeled myself into the pre-party with Diana and Anthony who are ‘Yelp Elite’ members.

The pre-party was held at the Matchbox (where our Denver Patio Ride started!) and we tried Vietnamese sandwiches and some of the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake made by Biker Jim’s Gourmet Hot Dogs. Seriously, a biker hot dog joint excelling in cheesecake – whoda thunk? 

After a bit of pre-eating, we walked/crutched over to the main event at Cassleman’s. Interesting costumes, delicious food and fun vendors were all packed into the big, main space at the bar.

We watched 2 different bands play – both that we saw were fun and played upbeat, danceable music.

We tried Rubios lobster tacos…

…philly cheesesteaks from Cheesesteak Connection…

I’m a big fan of cheesesteak and was lucky that I was able to snag a sandwich – they ran out and had to keep bringing more in. These were realllly good and I’m looking forward to trying them again.

We also tried Happy Cakes cupcakes…

…and a (local) vodka cranberry cocktail.

I quickly learned at this event that crutches and taking photos do not go hand in hand. Nor do crutches and large crowds in dark rooms. Nor do crutches and sampling food.

After filling our bellies, it was time to for the activities! Tootsies hair/nail salon was providing free polish change, hair up-do’s and trendy feather accessories.


Of course, I had to get in on the hair feather trend.

If you couldn’t tell, my Halloween costume was to glow radioactively. Crutches also impair ability to wear costumes at Halloween parties.

My FAVORITE part was the photobooth and Craft Ninja table. They made super fun mustaches on sticks and bow ties that could be used as props for the photobooth. I got one of each.

Ninja-like speed!

There were so many more vendors that we didn’t get to: caricatures, palm readings, a clairvoyant.

Yelp really knows how to throw a party – for the one Halloween event I ventured out to this year, I’m glad I made it this one! 

What Halloween fun have you gotten into this weekend? Or plan to tonight?

My Halloween fun tonight includes GHOST ADVENTURES, LIVE! I love being scared and ghosts are really scary to me (and I think I’m living with one! but that’s another post…) and can’t peel my eyes away when Ghost Adventures is on. Hopefully they find some exciting paranormal activity tonight!


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