In Love with Portland

Hello from The City of Roses! I’m in Portland for work for a few days this week and have fallen in love with this city already!

My love affair started before the plan was even on the ground. The ground was full of beautiful shades of green, trees packed onto the hilly landscape. Green!!

It actually is one of the few times I’ve flow west over the Rockies. Check out the Continential Divide:

After getting off the plane at the Portland Airport, my infatuation from afar blossomed into real, live love.

This city is green in landscape:

And in lifestyle:

After landing and setting up our booth for the conference we’re attending, I was free to roam the city. I walked along the river front and all around the downtown area by our hotel.

I’m meltingggg!

I’m in love with Portland. It’s beautiful here, active and friendly. I do not, however, love my hotel’s internet! I’m glad I was able to get out and enjoy the city yesterday (Sunday) because the next 2 days are full of conference time in the Portalnd Convention Center.


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