Late Night ER Visit + Alex's Apartment

Last night was spent waiting in various hospital rooms for much longer than necessary. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I was questioning a raised area on my forehead yesterday morning, if it could be related to a sunburn. We’d been out in the sun on Sunday and I figure I could have missed a spot with sunscreen. But it wasn’t bright red and didn’t hurt (at all) like a sunburn. Rather, it looked like someone had whacked me on the head with a 2×4 or like I’d walked into a door. I iced it throughout the day and kept an eye on it.

Later in the evening, at dinner, I felt a pressure on my forehead, closer to my eyebrows. The swelling had grown and was now covering much of my forehead. Since most all urgent care locations were closed (at 830 p.m.?!), we headed to the ER. It took many, many hours (3.5 almost) but we left with a seemingly solid diagnosis. I’ll do a full post on this later – I want to make sure I’ve got the problem under control first!

Because of the late night – we got home about 115 a.m. – and the busy work day, I’m using this as a ‘freebie’ day. Alex’s family has asked for pictures of his apartment and I thought I’d post on here. Check out his new digs!

From his front door, looking into the apartment:

Walk-through kitchen – right inside the front door (immediately right of where the photo ends above):

Past the kitchen is the living room:

You can see that to the right of the bike is the bedroom:

Through the bed room, if you turned right out of this picture is ‘closet alley”:

The doors on the left (above) are a large closet and right past the mirror on the right is this bad boy:

(fun fact – see those brown sandels in there? I have been looking for those ALL DAY and couldn’t find them until I resized this picture!)

Lastly, we are back in ‘closet alley’, facing away from the bed room and we head into the bathroom:

And through the bathroom – walking away from the sink – brings you back to the kitchen!

It’s pretty sizable for a 1 bedroom – I’ve only ever stayed a few days at a time but it feels big enough that we aren’t stepping on each other’s toes or are constantly in the other’s space. It’s a nice size, great layout and walkable to downtown Fort Myers!


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